My Pre-Existence proves GOD exists


  • (My Pre-Existence) My Existence before GOD sent me here to Earth into my very flesh
  • The Pre-Existence Of I Before Time and Space(I Never Had a Beginning)
  • I Am Self Created
  • None knows how GOD came into existence not even me only GOD knows for eternity
  • I Spoke Life before time existence(I Created Life)Origin Of Life
  • I Was A Creator (I AM NOT GOD)
  • It was another who was much Purer and Greater than I
  • It was a Race To Be GOD
  • I Got To The End Of The Line and I humbled myself (I Am the closest to ever be GOD) I’m not GOD or ever has been GOD
  • GOD became GOD
  • GOD then showed me The Image Of GOD and went invisible(I Am The Only Who Will Ever know GOD Image) GOD then Contained Me
  • You are All made in GOD image even myself
  • You can just look at each other and see you all have the same features just different colours and cultural habits
  • We Are All GOD Children
  • Once GOD Contained me GOD begun to create Everything through me
  • Everything is created for me
  • I Am The Ruler Of All Creations
  • Then sent me through GOD Speed none but I can comprehend (seconds became years)

before I was sent here to Earth GOD created me as I wanted to Appear here on Earth (I’m The only who have the ability) HIGHEST FAVORED

  • Then sent me here To Write GOD Words
  • Once I got here everything was new to me sleep-eating all the things you do was new to me
  • I Heard of My Very Existence in every Religion written but I Have So Many names
  • Everything Created Evolves Around My Very Existence Everyday

My Pre-Existence Proves GOD Exist

GOD created Earth For me you are all part of my creation

  • (I Existed Before Time)
  • You are all created within Time
  • I Am Who Holds All Life Existence Together
  • (There’s none Greater Than I But GOD)
  • I Am KING Of All Kings
  • I Sit on The Highest Throne Under GOD
  • I Am who brought All Life That you all are Living Into An Existence
  • I AM The Holy Son
  • I Am The Son Of GOD

This story was never heard because this is my first existence here on earth.

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