Missouri Hiking Guide

Missouri is a beautiful state in the Midwestern United States. With more than 6 million inhabitants, it is the 18th-most populous state of the country.

Missouri is a significant center of beer brewing, with Anheuser-Busch as the largest producer in the world.

But today, keep your beer bottles away because we are exploring the hiking opportunities you can experience in this wonderland.

Hiking in Missouri

Missouri is a safe-haven for hikers. Most of the hiking tracks in Missouri are situated in the hilly south part of this land, where the Ozark Mountains provide some of the most satisfying landscapes anywhere in the country. But there are paths in other parts of the area, in central and northeast Missouri.

Here is a brief run-through of some of the most enjoyable hiking paths in the state.

The Current River area of the Ozark Trail is the right place for someone interested in a little bit of everything. This thirty-mile trail heads right through the very core of the Salem Plateau division of the Ozark Mountains. This trail guides you along numerous mountain streams, including the beautiful Rocky Creek and Current River. It also takes you to the top of one of the Ozark’s most impressive peaks, Stegall Mountain, where the landscape is unhampered for many miles. Along the way, you’ll find mountain glades and many lovely places to stop and swim along the way-a real feast on a hot summer day. This is a ridge trail, so keep in mind the fact that the path is often steep. This is a comparatively exhausting trail, but the beauty of the territory through which it leads makes it well worth it. You can find the roots of this path at Owl’s Bend Campground on the Peck Ranch Conservation Area, Current River, Highway 60, and the Powder Mill Parking area.

If you are interested in a more rural hiking experience, you do not have to sacrifice much artistic view around the St. Louis metro area. It appears that St. Louis County has a path in every nook and cranny where one can move. For instance, in West St. Louis County, you will discover Babler State Park. As with many other St. Louis (and Kansas City as well) parks, this region was at one time not so long ago, way out in the boondocks. Now, the part is instead circled by suburban sprawl, albeit very lovely as sprawl goes. However, once you get into the captivating region, you might overlook a suburban area surrounding you. There are half a dozen miles of trails spread over four paths.

If you are interested in a unique area with some great trails, explore Johnson’s Shut-Ins. This area was destroyed several years ago due to a dam collapse but is now open for traffic and as good as ever.

So as COVI-19 moves on, and spring comes upon us, why not begin exploring some hiking plans in Missouri? It will have you both happy and more robust.

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