Milan Shah has mastered Branding projects at a young age

Milan Shah is the founder of “Alliancetime media” Branding Company. He is a master in digital marketing and the promotional work of celebs and companies. He is also known as a digital marketing guru. He knows how to handle promotional campaigns via the internet. He knows a lot about digital marketing and that’s the main reason for his success.

He is already a famous name and a leading figure in the world of digital marketing in India with an experience of working with the top most companies worldwide which helped him to learn the essentials of digital promotion. His knowledge and hard work have helped him grow his own company which is now dealing with much promotional work of various fields like businesses, celebrity management, songs, and other promotions.

Milan Shah has a hunger for discovering new things and looking to change the traditional ways of digital marketing to new means of digital marketing. Because of this habit, he has learned many innovative things.

Milan Shah has worked with many Bollywood celebrities till now.

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