Merkel Expects ‘Very Difficult’ EU Virus Rescue Summit

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to China's President Xi Jinping and Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a family photo session in front of Osaka Castle at the G-20 summit, in Osaka, Japan

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted Friday as she arrived at an EU summit to thrash out details of a huge post-coronavirus rescue package that she expected tough negotiations.

“We are going into the consultations with a lot of vigour, but I must also say that the differences are still very, very large and I cannot therefore predict whether we will be able to reach an agreement this time,” she said.

“It would be desirable, but we also have to face reality and we really need a great deal of willingness to compromise if we are to achieve something that is good for people and good for Europe in the face of the pandemic.

“That is why I expect very, very difficult negotiations.”

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