Making Memories in Medellin – A Travel Guide

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia after Bogotá and the capital of the province of Antioquia. It is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in South America. 

A beautiful and vibrant city where you can enjoy a bustling nightlife, superb dining and panoramic scenery, Medellin is one of the most exciting and welcoming places to visit in South America. 

How to reach Medellin?

If you plan to visit Medellin you will probably be flying into the city, although the bus service linking Medellin to the rest of Colombia is excellent. Commuting by road can be the best option if you love hilly roads. Once you arrive in the city, you will find that the public transport system is reliable and cheap. The metro can take you to all of the important tourist places and there are taxis everywhere.

Where to Stay?

Medellin does have a decent range of hotels that offer rooms to suit a variety of varying budgets, but the best way to see the town is to do so from the comfort of your apartment. Renting a holiday apartment in Medellin will allow you to enjoy the city from a resident’s perspective. 

Travel Guide to Medellin

Arví Park

Arví Park is a Pre-Hispanic archeological site and environmental nature preservation centre on the east slopes of Aburrá Valley in Medellín. It covers 16,000 hectares, 1,760 of which are in the category of natural forests. It is decked with 54 miles of walkable trails. Known for its butterflies, trials and wildflowers, activities in Arvi Park include nature tours, cycling, hiking, and adventure sports. You can even find an outdoor food market next to the Gondola Station. You can reach the park from Medellín via the metro station. 

Antioquia Museum

The Museum of Antioquia is an art museum that houses an extensive collection of works by Medellín native Pedro Nel Gómez and Fernando Botero. It was the first museum established in the Antioquia department and the second in Colombia. The museum is located in the center of Medellín on the Botero Plaza near the Berrío Park metro station. If you want to spend some time in a charming sunny place, this will mostly be the spot. On Sundays, there is live music and art shows. There’s also a long sidewalk – you can walk while enjoying the wind, the sun and the panoramic view to the Magdalena River. It is typically crowded but the locals are smiling, playful, and very friendly.

Explora Park

A must visit place for science lovers, Parque Explora is an interactive science museum in Medellín, loosely modeled after San Francisco’s Exploratorium. It houses South America’s largest freshwater aquarium, Explora Aquarium. The gallery holds over 300 interactive attractions and a 3D auditorium, television studio, planetarium and vivarium. 

Botanical Garden of Medellín

Botanical Garden of Medellín is a 14-hectare botanical garden in Medellín, Colombia. The botanical garden has 139 recorded bird species and 4,500 flowers. Besides breathing fresh-air, you will find several species of local herbs in the Azaleas Patio, learn about astronomy in the Scientific Building, explore the variety of national flora in the South American Outdoor Theatre or enjoy the Orquideorama architecture – an elegant construction with an innovative design.

Nutibara Hill

Nutibara Hill is a rugged hill formation situated on the western bank of the Medellín River. It is one of the few ecosystems conserved in Medellín and is deemed one of the city’s seven “guardian” hills. The hill has an open-air Carlos Vieco Auditorium, a sculpture park, the Pueblito Paisa, a portrayal of the indigenous Colombian town, amongst other sights. 

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