Make A Statement with Stylish Apple Watch Loop Band

The Apple Watch is famous among the people as it is a new symbol of fashion. Moreover, this fashion becomes extravagant when you use a stylish sport loop strap for wearing your new Apple watch. Before you buy the new apple watch sport loop strap,you need to know a few things like how to choose the right band with the right size and then how to change the loop band. 

How to Choose the Right Band?

While choosing the right Apple watch loop band, you first need to determine the size of your wrist. The ideal watch loop band should not be too tight nor too loose. It should be fit perfectly on the wrist of the person who is wearing it. If we generally talk about the wrist size of the female, it measures around 14 to 18 cm; however, for male, it is about 15 to 19 cm. For determining the ideal length of your loop band, you need first to measure your wrist, or you can say circumference of your wrist.

How to Take the Measurement?

If you want to measure your wrist, you need to use one string and ruler, or you can go with the measuring tape. Keep your wrist loose and then wrap the string around your string and then place the measured part of the string on the ruler and check the measurement. Once you get the measurement, you have to round off the number to a few centimetres above. Say if the size is 15.8, then you can round it off to 16 cm. That means when you buy an Apple watch sport loop strap for yourself, make sure the strap is 16 cm in length so that it fits your wrist perfectly.

Once you know the size of your wrist, it will be easy for you to select your favorite sport loop strap for your Apple watch. There is a wide range of sports straps available in the market in all different colors as well as design. So, it’s your responsibility to choose the best apple sport loop band that not only fits you but also looks great on you. If you want to order a new band for your other watch rather than an Apple watch, then you need to know the width of the lugs. 

How to Change the Strap of Apple Watch?

Think of a situation where you bought a new strap for your Apple Watch, but you don’t know how you swap the new strap with the previous strap. It can be difficult to change the strap of your Apple watch which has a bright pink rubber band to a beautiful Milanese Loop strap. But it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with one wristband for your entire life. There are a large number of Apple watch sport loop strap; you can use them for your watch. 

Thinking of the ways how you can switch out your watch strap? If yes, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  • You have to press and then hold on to one of the two buttons of the Apple Watch’s case that is located below at the end of the wrist strap.
  • By holding down the button, you slide the one end of the band to remove it.
  • Now you have to repeat the above mentioned two steps with the other button that is present on the end of the wrist strap.
  • Once both the strap is removed, you can have to swap the new strap in the Apple watch.
  • For swapping the new loop band, you have to take one end of the strap and then slide it in one side of the Apple Watch’s case.
  • Now you have to repeat the same step with the other end of the Watch case

Once you know how to change the strap, then you don’t have to go to watch experts for changing the loop band every time you wish to change it.

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