Libra Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th July, 2020


As the stars align in their position, couples ought to have a wonderful quality time. As peace and harmony seems to wrap your aura, this is the best time to forgive all the misdeeds and move ahead. As the week progresses, the bonds of love will grow stronger. Make use of this time to remove all the grudges that you have been holding on to and start afresh. Every relationship has their own set of ups and downs, but there is nothing that cannot be solved with a little bit of love and understanding. With a few understanding words and loving behavior all issues can be resolved.


Those who are still pursuing their studies, the first week of July bears good news for everyone. But, this does not mean you let overconfidence get the better of you. Desirable results shall be achieved provided you put in a good amount of effort in everything you do. Constant revision and proper reading will aid you in scoring favourable marks. Those pursuing medical can also expect great results coming their way. Hard Work will be required from your part to score good marks. But, it will also pay you well.


All Librans can expect to be healthy, wealthy and wise from the starting of July. Nothing seems to bother you or come in the way of your health. But that does not mean you can end up doing anything you like. It is always better to be cautious as the weather in July can be mixed. Minor inconveniences might be caused as the week progresses; therefore it is advisable to be alert. Now would also be a good time to start building your stamina by exercising or joining a gym.


Financially speaking, you are in for some great gains. The start of July does bring in some good news when matters of money are taken into consideration. As the week progresses, you might find some unwanted expenses taking place. Although, financial stability is predicted, it is advisable not to make unwarranted expenses as it is likely to disturb your budget. If you manage your money in a proper way, you are likely to save more than expenses you make.


Those who have been putting in all their efforts to either get a promotion or transfer to a better place, then you may keep your fingers crossed as this year you may finally see it coming true. Be good to everyone and help your colleagues as being in their good books might help you get what you wish for. You can expect support and appreciation pouring in from your seniors as well as your bosses. Those who are running their family business are in for a treat in the beginning of July.

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