Libra Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th July, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are single, your flirting skills may deliver a positive result. You seem to be attracting a person of your interest. As a married couple, you may plan a trip or an occasion to spend some quality time. This will have a positive impact on your marriage, as you will be reminded of your positive memories and intentions with each other. You might expect a surprise visit from your partner. This will strengthen your long-distance relationship.


You might find yourself attracted to the history of architecture. With this attraction, you may decide to take it further and make such career choices. If you are a student of pharmacy then, you may expect some good results of your hard work. In this academic journey, you must devote yourself to new courses and classes for further progress. Your desire to learn and explore will increase and you may find yourself discovering some new aspects for your academic growth. You may find yourself drawn to the spiritual aspects in order to find a balance between your materialistic and spiritualistic life.


You must take care of your body health. To maintain your health condition, you may refrain from including the amount of sugar and fat in your diet. Your regular exercise routine may get disrupted because of your fatigue. You must take rest and continue to focus on your routine workouts. You must take care of yourself from common cold and cough, as it may cause a hindrance to your progression. Depending upon your immune system, you must be careful about your surroundings to avoid any possible infections due to the weather and climate changes.


It seems that your expenses may increase for various legal issues. You are likely to receive some of the shares of property which may belong to your ancestors. Sudden expenses or unexpected expenses are likely to be incurred by you. As a result, you may need to keep a check on your savings for any kind of back up for the needs that may arise in the future. Any kind of debt must be cleared by you; to avoid any financial issues in the future. You must take care of your health as it seems that your health expenses may increase and may affect your savings.


Career-wise, the journey seems to be smooth. You should not plan any such circumstances that may disrupt your progress. It seems that you won’t be facing any major hurdles. Therefore, you may expect to achieve some of your goals which will make a positive contribution to your career progress. It seems that during this period, you are going to be much more productive than before. You may create a positive and hard-working reputation amongst your peers.

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