Libra Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th July, 2020

Love and Relationships

Those who have been single for some time now are likely to cross paths with someone who they would like to share time with. The second week is sure to bring excitement in the lives of those who are in love or are falling in love. Whatever has happened in the past must be left behind. Don’t let the past issues create discomfort in the present. This week, try focusing on all that you have and try and be happy with the moments you share with your loved one. The bonds tend to grow stronger with each passing day.


Students can expect distractions coming their way in the beginning of the week. You can overcome this by starting to pay more attention and give more time to the course right from the beginning. Stress is evident to rise with each passing day. It is only natural to face tension while studying. But constant studying and revisions can help reduce the stress.


When it comes to matters of health, you are advised to be a little aware of what you do. Take care of yourself and follow a healthy diet. Exercising is also something you might want to consider for a fit body and increased stamina. Minor ailments may cross paths but nothing that a good rest and medication can’t cure.


When it comes to money matters, there is nothing that will have you worrying about this week. On the financial front, things do seem to be very stable. You might want to think of making some good investment decisions as now is the best time to start. Investing in a property also sounds like a promising idea which you might want to consider. You might also encounter sudden profits in your business. You are likely to buy a new vehicle and upgrade your lifestyle. Buying a vehicle is a great kind of investment as well.


On the work front, fellow Librans can expect things to go smoothly. Result-driven individuals will find that things are going just according to their desires. Do not give up on working hard as you shall find that rewards will soon come to your table. Although the seeds of hard work may have been sown long back, you do not need to get disheartened as you will be able to reap the fruits soon. Also, your colleagues and friends will be supportive of your ideas and work. See to it that you remain in the good books of your seniors as their support will truly help you in getting a promotion that you have been desiring.

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