It’s Time to Invest! ULIP – a popular choice!


Unit Link Insurance Plan or ULIP is a term strategy that offers double advantages of both investment and insurance coverage. A part of the premium goes towards the term plan and some portion of it is put resources into market linked items, for example, equity, debt, mutual funds. Individuals can search for the best ULIP plans through websites and advertisements. Tax benefits under segment 80C make ULIPs an appealing investment policy. Here are a portion of the key highlights of ULIPs:

  • Lock in period: Obligatory lock-in of 5 years.
  • Returns: The profits can change in light of the fact that any mix of equity, debt, mutual funds can be utilized in investment.
  • Tax reductions: The contributed sum offers tax reductions under Segment 80C, however the profits are taxable.
  •  Liquidity: Funds are accessible after the lock-in of 5 years.
  • Investment alternative: Offers decision between debt and equity.
  • Premium: There are two alternatives accessible: One time Premium where you make a one-time premium installment and Normal Premium where you can pay the premium on portion on a yearly or month to month premise.
  • Charges: ULIP may bring about charges, for example, premium investment charge, mortality charges, fund management service charge, policy switching charge and so on.

Subsequently following are the primary reasons why you ought to put investments into ULIPs:

  • Moderately a less dangerous policy since it is additionally an insurance policy and not so much of aninvestmentone.
  • An investment upto Rupees 1.5L is excluded from income tax under area 80C and the matured amount is additionally tax exempted.
  •  It offers various fund alternatives under one single arrangement.
  • Offers adaptability regarding switching between assets according to decision.
  •  Double advantage of security + investment funds in a solitary arrangement.

In this way, people who have a drawn out monetary objective forwealth development and insurance should discover ULIP plan as an ideal investment alternative.

Advantages of ULIP:

Insurance Coverage in addition to reserve funds

In the first place, ULIPs effectively provide life coverage joined with investment funds at market link returns.

To that degree, ULIPs can be named as a two-in-one arrangement as far as giving an individual the twin advantages of life coverage in addition to saving funds. This is not as practically identical policies like a mutual fund for example, which doesn’t offer actuallife coverage.

Different investment choices

ULIPs offer much more assortment than customary extra security plans. So there are different choices available to the person. ULIPs by and large come in three wide variations:

  1. Aggressive ULIPs (which can regularly put 80%-100% in equity, debt balance)
  2. Adjusted ULIPs (can ordinarily put around 40%-60% in equity shares)
  3. Traditional ULIPs (can commonly put up to 20% in equity shares)

In spite of the fact that this is the manner by which the ULIP alternatives are commonly planned, the equity/debtrate may fluctuate across insurance agencies. People can settle on a variation dependent on their risk conditions.

For instance, a 30-year old individual taking a gander at purchasing a life coverage plan that likewise causes him construct a corpus for retirement can think about putting resources into the Adjusted or even the Aggressive ULIP.

Similarly, a risk free person who isn’t happy with a high equity allotment can settle on the Traditional ULIP.


People may well ask how ULIPs are not the same as mutual funds. All things considered, mutual funds additionally offer hybrid/adjusted plans that permit a person to choose an arrangement as indicated by his risk profile.

The distinction lies in the adaptability that Unit linked Insurance plans manage the cost-cutting of the individual. People can switch between the ULIP variations sketched out above to gain by insurance openings over the debt and equity markets. Some insurance agencies permit a specific number of ‘free’ switches.

This is a significant element that permits the educated individual/policy holder to profit by the caprices of stock/equity markets. For example, when stock exchanges were near the precarious edge of 7,000 points (Sensex), the policy holder could have moved his benefits from a Forceful ULIP to a generally safe Traditional ULIP.

Switching additionally helps people on another front. They can move from a Forceful to an Adjusted or a Traditional ULIP as they approach retirement. This is an impression of the adjustment in their risk conditions as they become more established.

Works like SIP

Rupee cost-averaging is another significant advantage related with ULIPs. People have likely previously known about the SIP which is progressively being upheld by the mutual fund brokers.

With SIP, people contribute their investments routinely over an interval of time that can comprise a month/quarter and don’t need to stress over ‘timing’ the stock markets. These are not the benefits impossible to miss for mutual funds.

Relatively few understand that ULIPs will in general do likewise, but on a quarterly/half-yearly premise. Indeed, even the yearly premium in a ULIP takes a shot at the rupee cost-averaging standard.

An additional advantage with ULIPs is that people can likewise put a one-time sum in the ULIP either to profit by circumstances in the mutual funds or on the off chance that they have an investible excess in a specific year that they wish to set aside for what’s to come.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) changed the lock-in period for ULIP’s from 3 years to 5 years in the year 2010. Anyway ULIPs being a long term policy, as a policy holder you may not so much receive the reward of the policy except if you hold it for a more extended term which may run from 10 to 15 years. ULIP’s permit you to switch your portfolio among debt and equity dependent on your risk conditions just as your insight into the market’s exhibition. Unit linked Insurance plan investors can make changes to their fund inclinations all through the length of their venture. The assets offer for smooth transfer flow. Various investment choices are additionally accessible including stock assets, security reserves and diversified assets.

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