Interview With Sarvesh Pancholi – Digital Marketing Expert

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I’ve met many persona’s in my life, even I’ve been so frank with them too, but among all of them I met a person, with the most kindest thoughts and with lots of desires and a risk bearer, a challenge accepter as Sarvesh Pancholi, who is an expert in Digital Marketing World. He plays an ultimate role in the era of Digital Marketing Expert and is a very passionate person. “Digital Marketing Guru

 came out with new ideas to explore them, he teaches over almost 3000 students about the marketing strategies. He is not only an Expert, but also an Entrepreneur, a CEO and a founder too. He is a well-wisher to those who have queries to begin with the digital marketing process. He takes every sort of risks while starting up something new. He is not only a perfect model but a well-wisher, a mentor and an augured of his successful life. He is always confident of his works and is a promising person. He not only works for himself but also works for the world. He migrates and creates awareness among the students for Digital Marketing process before we begin the interview; let’s have a glance on him for the people who don’t know him well.

Who is Sarvesh Pancholi?

Sarvesh Pancholi, is the founder and CEO of the Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing training institute DIGIHAKK. He is a Digital Marketing and social media expert, a trainer who trains over 3000 students all over India and presents innovative ideas and explores them. He is an author, an entrepreneur and a consultant. 

Sarvesh completed his schooling and then as it is always a confusing situation for every student to choose a stream, so as same was he. He got influenced by his friends and chooses engineering but later he realized that he was never moant for the stream. So he dropped out engineering and thought to change the stream and started making himself busy to learn about the new skills required to make a successful business online. He then worked as a cyber security expert and Digital Marketer. He started his career in cyber security from 2008 and also started working in Digital Marketing strategist from 2012. He kept options to work as a freelance marketer and a business consultant by the end of 2018. He has written a book on “5 most powerful ways to become an Online Influencer” and the book is available of Amazon also.

Expert Speaks – Interview with Sarvesh Pancholi

#1. You are one of the experts in Digital Marketing Agency and you always come with new ideas and explore them. You have got so many achievements, so many more to go ahead. It would be helpful for people who want to start their own Digital Marketing Agency if you share your DIGIHAKK Journey 

How Was DIGIHAKK Founded?

DIGIHAKK Was established on 2016 and basically the company has been divided up in three cities in UDAIPUR, INDORE and AHEMEDABAD so actually I dropped out my engineering in 2013 because I was analyzing all the time about the marketing strategies, and there were many start ups in the marketing and due to some reasons they got failed also and there was a few percentage of success in the companies also. So I thought, why we don’t provide Digital Marketing services for those companies who are facing problems while selling their product, it will be a help for them. So I started working as a freelancer at first, and after being well experienced then I thought to start  my own company DIGIHAKK and not only I started the company, I even been teaching almost 3000 students all over India. My company has got three courses also – Digital Marketing, Digital Journalism and Bug Bonding Programmed

#2. Are you satisfied with your achievements in what is your most significant success to date?

Ok. To be honest, obviously I’m satisfied. I’ve my goals also and they are that I want to start up an awareness programmed and cover up some place where there’s not much knowledge about the Digital Marketing process, so that we can spread knowledge among the people who are not well aware of this Digital world, I also want to give free digital training to the poor areas also, and even in some cities like Rajasthan, in the schools and have created awareness among the students about the Digital World that how Digitalize Process can help them in their studies and how they can build up themselves with their career.

Actually, Success To Date I don’t have set up a goal for now, but yes, I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved in my life till now and I’m happy that at nest I’m covering up some areas to provide, and share knowledge and sharing knowledge is my ultimate goal, and my main motive is to research and gain experience

#3. What is Your Ambition in Life?

Actually, and recently I’ve been awarded by Madhav University and Manav Rachna University as a young Entrepreneur in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. So my main motive is that I want people to know about me as I’m the youngest Entrepreneur, and I want to become an inspiration to all the people who trying to know me and I want to motivate the people also.

#4. You are providing a free Digital Marketing Course for a long time then what made you start DIGIHAKK?

Yaa, exactly, we are providing a free digital marketing course for a long time but still there are some areas in Rajasthan and MP where we create awareness campaign, where we go and stay for some days and in some schools and colleges we do free workshops to teach them about the Digital Marketing process.

As, I said that I start and create awareness so it’s quite important to commercialize, because the free trainings which we provide, in some level extend funding is necessary, but there are some areas like the metro cities where people want to learn and they also can afford, we have launched some professional courses for them where we get to earn also and give some percentage of free training. So, I think that for the people who cannot afford the course we will provide them free courses so that they will be well aware of the Digital Marketing Agencies.

#5. There are a lot of institutes which are providing excellent training in Digital Marketing. How is DIGIHAKK different from others?

Our Company is different, as I’ve told you that our company has three courses Digital Marketing, Digital Journalism and Bug Bonding Programmed which is a part of Digital Hacking. Marketing is making our company a different one because we also teach those things that are been researched also like black hat techniques where we including hacking where we including hacking where it become easy to boost a company and in other institutes they don’t teach things like this, they get just only focused about the marketing strategies but in our company we teach practically and make them find out the vulnerability and how to exploit them in a right way and how we can take benefit in the market to generate self.

#6. What is the future of digital marketing?

In a field as dynamic as digital marketing, it’s difficult to give a concrete answer to that, as the playing field is continually changing. However, the industry as a whole is becoming more and more mainstream.

Instagram marketing, for one, is a priority for most brands out there and has been an eye-opener on how to effectively promote their brands. Digital marketing is changing the way people think up promotional strategies.

#7. MBA vs digital marketing course?

This is a question I face frequently; it depends on what direction you want your career to go.

Bear in mind that specific MBA specializations do prep you for digital marketing, and a digital marketing course can be an excellent supplement to your resume.

#8. Last but not the least, for now the last one, what are the qualities you look for in a candidate when you hire for DIGIHAKK?

First of all, He should be productive. The research should be strong. It is not actually compulsory that you have completed your 12th or not or you have got your degree or not, it is not that necessary, the integrate part of our company is whether you are a strong research of the internet and if you are productive and you have the good knowledge about the internet then we hire you for our company because active participation is always necessary in a company or to boost a company, and this is the newest thing in DIGIHAKK.

#9. You are an author what made you go through the writing part? Where you been influenced by some person, or you wrote it yourself?

Yaa, being an author I wrote a book on “5 Powerful ways to become an online Influencer” Which is ever available on Amazon also. So it is for those children who want to learn the theory part of Digitalized World, so for them I published the book and it is the only book I’ve written and I’m planning to write one more also. So the basic motive to write the book is to spread knowledge and to keep a proof that yes, I’ve did a work based on myself and about my achievements, because I’m only covering up some small areas, but I want to cover up all the areas so that people will be well aware of the Digital Marketing process and Strategies.


So, this was a great and a golden opportunity to interact with Sarvesh Pancholi. And I’m sure this interview will help a lot of digital marketing enthusiasts. We must also learn from Sarvesh of learning new things and sharing knowledge with people and helping them can also become the ultimate achievement.

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