Impact of Smoking on Kids Even if They’re Not Smokers


You must quit smoking not only for yourself; but also for the people you love, especially if you have children.

Smoking is a dangerous habit for kids to be around. When dad and mom have an addictive smoking habit, their kids are negatively influenced in various ways; the central problems for the children of smokers include:

  1. Imperfect Health: Breathing in second-hand smoke- the smoke blown by smokers- is just as harmful and deadly as smoking a cigarette. However, for children, second-hand smoke is especially hazardous because their lungs, among other body parts, are less refined and more sensitive to cigarette toxins. Often, kids of smokers develop issues like chronic pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. They can also contact circulatory problems, and there has been a study implying a link between second-hand smoke puff and brain tumors and leukemia in children.
  2. Bad Habits: The kids of smoker parents are exposed to their parents’ toxic smoking habits, and thus they learn that this kind of sick behavior is right. Parents are their kids’ number one role models, and children are always seeing dad and mom to copy their style and learn to be adults. This is normal and the way it should be, so parents must be aware of what kinds of manners and habits they are conferring their children. Kids learn many of the practices that they will carry with them into their grown-up lives, for better or worse.

As you can see, second-hand smoke is a significant problem for kids. And if you have kids, then you need to stop smoking immediately. It may sound harsh, but it is true. When it comes to your kids, there is no time to waste; with each puff you take, your children’s health is at stake.

And what if you don’t have any kids of your own? It hardly matters. Whether they are your family and colleagues’ children, or a random kid in the playground, each cigarette that you smoke still cripples them.

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