How to Reuse and Restore Old Clothes

Throwing away old clothes is one of the worst ways of handling them. 

They should not end like this. With a bit of craft and motivation, you can turn your most worn-out clothes into modern fashion statements and revive them. Don’t be worried if you’re not the DIY kind or don’t have a lot of stock around the house. These ideas are easier than you think!

Sewing machine

If you know how to sew, you can give life to old clothing items. The result will look a bit more refined than if you were to use just a needle, scissors, and ribbon. 

Here are some doable ideas that you can implement even with minimum sewing knowledge:

  1. Do you find the neck of a blouse plain? It’s simple to fix! You can quickly turn a boat neck into a turtleneck, V-shape, or into a crew neck!
  2. If you have a gown you love, but that doesn’t fit you well in the bottom part, you can cut that part off and convert it into a blouse. The same method can be applied if the dress has a spot you can’t get out.
  3. Although they have more limited fabric, shorts are rated the same as usual trousers. Find a pair you no longer wear and cut it off to get a complimentary pair of shorts! The advantage of using this method is that you can adjust precisely the length you want.
  4. Use the fabrication technique to utilize unique shapes on basic T-shirts
  5. Instead of purchasing a brand-new swimsuit coverup, you can fashion an old T-shirt.
  6. Cut the back of T-shirts to generate exciting patterns using beads
  7. Sew a section of thread at the end of the jackets for a feminine boho effect.

Without a sewing machine:

If you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t want to put a lot of work into improving old clothes, these no-sew methods are for you:

  1. Distressed jeans are trendy, but nobody wants to pay more than $50 on jeans that have no fabric. You can create your own distressed jeans by washing the fabric with sandpaper. This way, even your most used, beloved pair of jeans can live on for at least one more season.
  2. Wrap ribbons. Find attractive ribbon patterns online and, instead of utilizing them to wrap gifts, use them to repair your clothes. You can either stick them to the blouses or wear a larger ribbon strand as a belt to supplement shape to a long, oversized dress.
  3. Drawing designs using lace. Take a bit of lace and stamp in on top a clothing item you want to revise. Then, using a waterproof sharpie or some specific clothing paint, color the lace. This will create a different pattern that resists the washing machine cycle.
  4. We all have a top that looks really good but needs something more to jazz up. Enter the statement necklace. For this design, you will only need a statement necklace and glue. Next time you’re planning to go clubbing, you’ll save time looking for accessories.

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