How to Prepare the car for Monsoon season

The monsoons are all around and everybody is prepared to face the rainy season by taking out raincoats and umbrellas. But side-by-side people should prepare their cars as well. There are several steps which have to be taken before the rainy season to ensure a problem-free experience regarding the cars.

Following are some of the tips that must be looked by car owners to prepare their cars for the monsoon season:

 – Preparing the tires: To have tires with a good amount of tread is very much important during the monsoon season. Traction on the wet roads is very much compromised which makes the whole condition very much worse when the water mixes with the leaked oil and other kinds of fluids. In this way, the tread on the tires will help in channelling the mix away from contact services and will improve the grip. Most of the tires have proper indicators which include the rubber bar between the tire grooves. But as the rubber wheels down that tread indicator start thinning which indicates that it is the time to replace the tires.

 -Preparing the battery and wiring of the car: Electrics and water are enemies and do not work together well. So, the car owners have to ensure that all the electrical of the car are in good working condition and there is proper wiring in the whole car. Improper wiring or failing of the installation will have a good chance of shorting in case if it contacts the water. So, proper safety measures have to be taken by the car owners. It is very much advisable to go with the option of electrical fittings with the help of high-quality cables. It is also advisable to check the battery about the proper working shape and replace it whenever required because during the monsoon season the batteries have a huge load because of heavier usage of components which include wipers, cars and several other things together.

 -Preparing the lights: It is very much advisable to go with the option of the tail-lamps and headlamps on regardless of the weather. However in the monsoon season when the visibility is hampered then lights have to be turned on so that one can become noticeable to other users of the road. The individuals should go with the option of running all the lights together in low and high beams, brake lights as well as the indicators. In case the individual notices any sign of weak battery then it is very much crucial to ensure all the safety measures. Another tip is to keep the headlight and tail lamp lenses very much clean so that they do not get fogged up in the monsoon season.

 – Preparing the brakes of the car: The wet roads hamper the whole breaking concept of the car and having a car which has properly working brakes becomes a necessity in these kinds of weather conditions. The individuals can also go with the option of testing the brakes at home before going to any of the long drives. In case the pedal of the break continues to sink there can be a leak in the whole system. In case one feels any kind of vibration in the brake pedal then it means that brake pads need to be replaced. So, the individuals must go with the option of properly checking the braking system of the car with the help of professional inspection and change all the worn-out components as soon as possible. A well-maintained set of brakes will be the biggest strength of the cars of individuals especially in the monsoon seasons on the wet roads.

 -Preparing the wipers: This is one of the first things that come into mind whenever one talks about the rainy season. The individuals should check all the wiper blades in terms of scratches or smudges. In case they leave any scratch on the windshield then it is the time to change them because during the monsoon season these will be used each day. So frequent usage of wipers will become prevalent and if it will cause cracks then it will make the wipers ineffective. The individuals should also go with the option of washing the wiper with fluids so that sticky debris’s can be removed and the windshield is always clean.

 -Checking for any kind of leakage or rust: The individual should also consider the climate and weather conditions in terms of rust and leakages in the car. The growth of rust will be there where water will accumulate in the area so, it is very much advisable to check all the sources of leakages and get them rectified as soon as possible with the help of proper servicing and cleaning of the car. The individuals should also check the signs of moisture around the door, carpet, sunroof, windows and other areas as well. Rusting is a very big issue and all the rusted areas should be treated before it spreads throughout the car.

 -Checking for the paint of the car: The moisture and metal related to rust is exposed and will cause several kinds of damages to the paint coat of the car. So, it is the responsibility of the car owner to keep the car clean from dirt and corrosion. A proper coat of polish should also be there so that car is always shining and this layer will also help in protecting the paint of the car. 

 -Undertaking a pre-monsoon service: This is the best way of identifying as well as rectifying all the above-mentioned points with the help of professional expertise and guidance. This service will also help to identify all those issues which would never have been identified by the individual himself. So, the individuals must go with the option of professional cleaning and polishing services with the help of so that the look and health of the car can be very well ensured.

 Hence, it is very much important to prepare the car for the monsoon season so that there are no issues in the coming days and individuals are very well prepared for all sorts of weather conditions.

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