How to make Soy Candles at home?

Candles have a fascinating history. NYK Daily covered the same in one of our earlier articles, which can be read here.

For hundreds of years, candles were the only source of light in homes, the earliest of which were made with wax. 

A few hundred years later, electricity became the primary source of light.

Candles took on other roles in our lives, such as decor for festive occasions, the sacredness, calm and holiness they bring in spiritual ceremonies, the general mood of relaxation, warmth and even love.

The most significant innovation in the candle industry in the present era is the replacement of the “paraffin” based candle with natural wax. The soy candles we make burn clean, releasing no toxins into the air, producing no smoke. As they burn for longer and are more prolonged, they allow the fragrance to be released into the air for a more extended period. This natural, eco-friendly wax is biodegradable, and all containers can be washed with hot, soapy water that can be used again—a bonus to this throw-away society.

Soy Candles are so simple to make, and here are few tips to follow:

  • Pick a suitable container for your candle. Container wax can only be used in heat-safe glassware as it adheres to the glass. Estimate how much wax you will be filling. The wax can be blended in either a double-boiler or even a rice cooker. The simplest way is to heat and melt half the wax, then allow the heat in the vessel to melt the rest.
  • While the wax is softening, prepare your vessels by selecting the wick you will use and the fragrance and color. The best thing to do is to try making an unscented and uncolored wax so that you can get your procedure right.
  • The room temperature can influence the finish of your candles, so make sure it is neither too hot nor cold.
  • Remember to not enhance the fragrance. 30 ml/450 ml is sufficient. The best way to use colors is to grind them on a cheese grater. It is much easier to darken a wax color than it is to lighten, so be cautious.
  • The wax is ready to pour when the vessel is cool to touch, or the wax is starting to cloud. If you find it has set too much, warm it slightly or let the vessel sit in hot water.
  • It is recommended that you leave your candles for 24 hrs to cool and set. A longer time is necessary if multi-wicked or big containers are used.

Your Soy-Candles are ready.

Soy wax has made candle making so simple that anyone can do it. I wish you all the best. Enjoy the prolonged lockdown period with this fun DIY activity.

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