How to Know that You Are in a Toxic Relationship (And Why You Should Run for Your Life)

No one can guarantee that you will avoid this issue because it exists not only on all those online pages and videos. Hence, literary everyone can face it. Statistically speaking, every second person has been in toxic relationships. Or, at the very least, in unhealthy ones, that include a number of toxic elements. This is a serious problem, and this type of interaction between lovers is harmful from every perspective. Maybe you are already building unhealthy commitment with one of those beautiful ladies from Sweetydate website. Purely unintentionally, of course. So, how it feels to have problematic commitment?

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1. You avoid each other

It is just not okay when romantic partners feel better alone. Normally partners want to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. They have mutual plans and feel sad when they have to spend time apart. Loneliness is not your enemy, but when your lover feels like an enemy, this is a huge sign that it is better to avoid having any connections with this person. Maybe you are just incompatible, or what if this person is a real psychopath?

2. Self-betrayal

Needless to say that those who want to spend their lives together as a whole must remain in constant search for compromises. Otherwise, you will have arguments concerning everything. Also, here is another side to this issue. When one person begins to literary betray his or her own beliefs and desires by doing what their partner wants. Things are bad if you feel forced to act the ways you never wanted to act.

3. You have no time for yourself

We all need tiny bits of personal space to be happy. Probably you feel like two parts of something big, yet, you both need to have separate hobbies. When you spend time alone, you can reexamine your ways of living. In turn, if you don’t have this opportunity, you will never feel satisfied and will always be seeking for small opportunities to be alone. With time, this may turn into a desire to avoid each other.

4. Lies

You must understand that honesty is the only thing that can help to build truly reliable and strong connections. There are no such things as while lies. If you feel the need to lie to your partner, it

means that you need to change your ways. When you are very close to each other, even the tiniest dishonesty may have terrible effects. In committed relationships, partners should always search for ways to improve their emotional ties and make each other happy. In turn, lies may destroy even the healthiest relationships. Everything starts small, right? So, your small white lie, with time, may turn into a truly dangerous one.

5. Constant unhealthy criticism

It is an indisputable fact that adequate criticism has a place in our lives. However, if your partner criticizes you for everything, then this is a huge sign of big problems. The situation becomes even worse if you feel offended by this. Healthy criticism never insults people. Instead, it helps them to become better. After all, the main purpose of adequate criticism is to help a person to grow. Additionally, normally, humans never criticize each other for doing everything wrong.

As we have already said, one should avoid toxic relationships at any cost. It is much better to be alone than to experience something like this. With time, your dissatisfaction with your ways will turn into a depression. Rather sooner than later, this will lead to a very painful breakup. The main problem here is that sometimes people spend up to a year trying to heal from terrible ends of relationships. Hence, in poisonous relationships, partners are not happy during relationships, and also feel empty after breakups.

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