How to Find a Passionate Urge to Accomplish Your Goals?


It would help if you had a passionate urge to accomplish your goals.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than venturing into something half-hearted or without energy. Those qualities are a recipe for defeat, or worse – getting fed up and ultimately giving up. A passionate urge is that beacon of hope. It is the shiver in your knees, that throb in your heart, or that tingling sensation to run when the signs say, “stop.” It’s that blink in your eyes and that attraction that people feel when they are around you. You’ll recognize it when you have a passionate urge.


You could be the best cook in your friends’ circle, but when someone praises your delicious food, you shrug it off. Belief is knowing you are good at something without being overbearing or proud. When you know something, it’s not about throwing facts on people’s faces every day. Confidence is blunt, polished and light. I’m a staunch believer in the flexibility of refining skills, but don’t ever take them for a ride. Holding your head up high, expressing when you have something to say, asserting your knowledge with vigor and conviction and sharing what you know are actual signs of a bold person. An individual who knows something but doesn’t speak up exudes under-confidence; in fact, they are vulnerable. A very knowledgeable individual who speaks up and commands the conversation is not confident; he is also weak. Confidence has nothing to exhibit and everything to distribute.

Here are three fundamental questions to answer that will enhance your passionate urge to accomplish your goals and the courage to pursue them:

What are your abilities?

This might seem like a no brainer of a question, but abilities are directly linked to your skill. Skill is the key to success. When you have a ton of expertise, that means you have something to teach. When you have something to teach, other people want to master it too. No skill is modest or trivial. It doesn’t matter if one of your skills is petting your Labrador and giving him adorable belly rubs every morning. List all your expertise on a sheet of paper, visit them in a few weeks, and write down some more.

What do you prefer to do?

Do you love to garden your backyard? Do you like to dance when no one is watching? Is drafting a book the idea of a good time or blogging after midnight? What is the stuff you love to do that you would do anyway for free, just because you chose it? The urge to do something you love is pretty smooth. Even if you’re a runner and love to run marathons, if you like it, you get sad if you’re not doing it. It takes that kind of love to get a passionate urge. As I’ve said before, you can’t accomplish any goal without an intense urge. You have to embrace it so much.

What do people praise about you?

This one is crucial. This question will have you observing who you are and what will help you build a belief faster than enrolling yourself in school or taking yet another degree. There are things you are always doing that are being mentioned by others. What are they? Do you have gorgeous skin or sexy legs? Are you a keen listener or that person all your colleagues come to for advice? All of these wonderful qualities need to be brought out in the open and used in life.

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