How to Draw a Caricature?


A caricature is a rendered image revealing the characteristics of its subject clearly or exaggeratedly through pencil strokes or sketching.
A caricature is a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which specific unusual characteristics are distorted to produce a comic or bizarre effect.

One thing that makes caricatures astonishing is how they are distorted or drawn with the fantasy but without losing their character.

No matter how the nose of a person is being sketched, you can still recognize the person being described on the caricature. This, indeed, makes caricatures a lot more loving than the typical portraits. It also makes sketching more fun.

If you are keen on discovering how to draw a caricature, one thing that you need to acquire is to learn how to draw people’s faces in the right symmetry. You can do this by beginning with a photo and drawing it as it is.

Learn how to look for distinguishing features of a photo. You have to learn how to study a face and what characteristics of the face can be highlighted. If your subject has a double chin, or a sharp nose, or dark circles around eyes, and these are the first traits of the face that appeal to you when you first gaze at it, then you got the part that you can elaborate.

Some faces may have complicated features for exaggeration, but with regular practice, you can quickly notice them. There are also different ways to draw the various elements of the face to make it seem like a cartoon. You may learn how to sketch the eyes, draw the chin, the hair, and the nose like the way it is on comics. Solid black lines are often used in this method, as well as simple lines. There may be a slight shading but just a little.

If you want to know how to draw cartoons, it is crucial to get a detailed guide that will help you step-by-step. A video tutorial can also be useful.

Now, if you have drawn your image by bold black inks or by a pencil, you can start mapping several caricatures that exaggerate different features of the face.

You can draw one with an exaggerated chin and one with excessive eyes or nose – then you can choose amongst the caricatures in which the person can still be recognised even with distortion.

It is essential to keep in mind that the crucial elements of a caricature are its likelihood of the person or the subject you are drawing. Without likelihood, it cannot be a caricature. Another critical factor is the exaggeration of the drawing. Of course, cartoons must have excesses or else they are not caricatures. Apart from these, caricatures also convey a message about the individual or subject being drawn.

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