How to Clean Your CBD Oil Bottle

At times you may experience leaks from dropper unscrews in your CBD oil bottle. If left uncleaned, the oil can further leak into the bottle’s neck even when sealed. However, this doesn’t mean your bottle is defective. But it happens because CBD oil is very slick. When the oil flows into the dropper or cap, it hinders the bottle from closing fitly. Amazingly, you can avoid this problem by cleaning your bottle. But how? In this article, we will show you the ways on how to clean your CBD oil bottle. Take a look!

Firstly, avoid leakages. And when they occur, use a small napkin or paper towel to wipe the spill. This is unavoidable when using high percentages of CBD. Because they cover the lid making the oil to unscrew itself and dirty your bottle, keep the lid clean by not turning the pipette beyond 900 whenever taking your CBD oil.

Secondly, tighten the lid and hold it for at least five seconds. Doing this releases air confined within the lid and make the lid to hold tight. Upon noticing, excess oil collection in the thread or cap, use a paper towel to wipe it out.

Thirdly, clean your CBD oil bottle by wrapping a small piece of kitchen paper around the bottle to absorb leaked or spilled oil.

Fourthly, use your figure to dab the spilled oil. Never attempt to scrub or rub, though it feels right to rub, avoid it because it can intensify the stain.

Another tip for cleaning your bottle is by acting immediately whenever the spill happens. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean the stain. So, act quickly for best results.

Lastly, you can keep your bottle clean by regularly cleaning it whenever oil drops from the bottleneck.

Upon noticing oil spills in your bottle, clean it immediately. The most often and simple solution to clean it is through wiping the bottle with a paper towel. Though annoying, wiping can help avoid staining the rest of your bottle.

The Consideration You Must Meet To Keep Your CBD Oil Bottle Clean.

  1. Shake your bottle sideways and not upwards. And do not shake the CBD oil too much, to avoid spills.
  2. After shaking, don’t open the bottle immediately. Ideally, hold back for a few minutes to allow the oil to fall back.
  3. Sip a few drops when dosing your CBD oil. The presence of oil residue in pipette unscrews the lid. So, don’t fill the entire dropper or pipette.
  4. After use, empty the pipette. And make sure you do not turn upside down your bottle when tightening the cap to keep the oil at the bottom of the bottle.
  5. Never pass the dropper along the edge.
  6. Don’t store your CBD oil in high temperatures.
  7. Close the bottle cap tightly.

Are you experiencing spills or leakages in your CBD oil bottle? If yes, try the above precautions to clean it.

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