How to Change the Brother Toner in Your Printer


If you use a Brother printer then you could have received a warning message when your Brother HL-L2390DW toner runs out. It’s not the best message to receive especially if you were in the middle of an important printing exercise. When this happens, you are supposed to change the toner cartridge. It could be a headache if you’ve never done it before.

Typically, when the toner runs out, the printout quality diminishes. But as a precaution, you should regard changing toners, as one of the foremost maintenance activities. And changing toners will automatically become a regular process.

If you are not familiar with the process of replacing toners, you can avail booklet printing services or use the following steps:

Get a replacement Brother Toner cartridge

First of all, you need to purchase a replacement toner. The choice of toner cartridge will be determined by the type of brother printer you are using. For instance, your printer could use a compatible Brother HL-L2390DW toner. 

There are three options that a user can rely on including the original, compatible, or remanufactured toner cartridges. An original brother toner can be a bit expensive than a compatible or remanufactured one. Since the printer models are distinguished by numbers you need to get the longer listed number. A change in a single letter could be a major difference in toner cartridges. 

Also, some models toners come with two options; the high yielding and the low yielding toner. Of course, the pricing is different, you’d be expected to spend more on a high yielding toner. The higher price is for a good reason since the high yielding toner will last longer. If you buy a new toner, you should keep it sealed in a package until when you are certain you’ll dump the older one.

Taking out the toner cartridge

Next, is removing the spent toner cartridge. Each brother printer toner comes with a guide on how to remove the spent cartridge. You need to be really careful when handling delicate parts of the printer. Mostly, people tend to mishandle the spent cartridge which might affect other equipment in the printer unknowingly. 

First, you open the lid to check whether the toner cartridge is held by clips in place. If you are not certain what the clips are, refer to the printer’s guidebook. Usually, the toner is designed in a way that’s easy to hold and remove. Find the spots and remove them. You should be mindful not to spill any toner on your fingers.

Placing the replacement toner in

By now, this process should be fairly simple but there is a crucial step. Once you unbox your package, remove the toner cartridge and shake it gently. When you shake it, it helps in the smooth flowing of toner when the printing process takes place. 

Remove the protective tape on the toner and gently fix it in position in the printer. The cartridge should be in line with the arrows and then pushed down to ensure its firmly in place. If you were keen during the removal process then inserting the new one shouldn’t be a problem. You should be careful with the delicate moving parts. 

The good thing is that once you hack the first trial, it will be a piece of cake in the subsequent toner replacements. 


Now that the toner is in place, you can now print a test paper. This will ensure that the toner cartridge has been fitted perfectly. There is no doubt that a brother printer requires more demanding maintenance services. Toner replacement is one of the simplest maintenance activities. If you take good care of your brother printer it will reciprocate with more print life.

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