How Real is the Power of Love?


Debt, confusion, hatred for the current job, routine, unhappiness, unwilling to change attitude- what do these have in common? What is the issue?

Anxiety, or rather, an absence of love.

Fear, and not hatred, is the “dark side” or absence of love, the way darkness is the absence of light.

Whether your self-image is controlled by weakness or uncontrolled overweight or fanatic perfection, both originate from fear. First, food is used to calm sad feelings and to retreat into a faithful friend who never lets you down. In the latter (and sometimes the former), authority over the body replaces a loss of command elsewhere in life, ultimately taking over that life.

Cluttered Confusion is almost always fear-based – fear of not having something and wanting it, fear of getting rid of something major, the anxiety of transmitting oneself open to new experiences, and fear of being lonely.

Debt is another reason for fear – people get into debt for many reasons. Another aspect to this comparison is that many people will not get rid of their access to credit because there is always that “what if an accident happens and we don’t have money on hand to pay for it?”, which is made uncertain by the fact that most of their credit cards are a scam anyways. The fear of living without and the emotions of “being without” expensive clothes or fancy food out is no less than the fear and experience of going without essential food and clothing, although the truth is different.

Still working at a job you dislike is nothing but fear – the anxiety of not having enough, fear of giving up and not being able to find other work, fear of not being to put up with your “stuff habit” or your debt, fear of bankruptcy, fear of progress, fear of relying on yourself, fear of doing things adversely or out-of-the-box (becoming an entrepreneur, running off to Mexico, etc.), fear of letting your dad down, fear of “misusing” your university degree, fear of what other will say, think, fear that your dad/mom/sister/toxic boyfriend were right and so on.

Fear is the foundation for pretty much all personal suffering, not including natural disasters and other acts of God. And the opposite of fear is love. Love creates an environment of calmness and fulfillment because you know there is sufficient and so feel no need to “buy it before someone else does.” Nor do you feel the need to clutter or gather in more than you can afford (debt) to convince yourself of fulfillment. In a world of love, all are trusted and loved for their powers and excused for their faults, therefore denying the need for suffocating in the comfort of stuff and food (debt and overweight), or fretting about what others will think if you resigned your job to become a Mexican portrait painter. And so on.

Master the art of living with love, for yourself and others, even when they don’t meet your standards. Building a world of passion is up to each of us. We cannot wait to see if others take the initial step. They are expecting us.

(Hi NYK Co-Founders: Arushi and Nik, and others- DO NOT RUN OFF TO MEXICO. It was just an example.)

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