How is a fibreglass pool made?

Fibreglass pools have been the preferred choice by many in recent year and its no surprise why due to its wide range of amazing benefits such as low maintenance, smooth surface, affordable price and quick installation. It is no secret that a fibreglass pool is made from fibreglass, but how exactly are they made? This is a common question we get asked frequently by our customers, here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne. We use only the highest quality shells when we build our pools. Let’s take a look at the process with manufacturing a fibreglass pool and some important handy information.

There is a 3 step process when it comes to manufacturing the fibreglass pool shell and they are :

  1. The pattern production
  2. The production of the mould
  3. The production of the pool shell

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each step as an individual

The construction of the pattern

This process begins with the original shape of the pool, this is constructed using wood, fibreglass, body filler and primer. This part of the process will determine the shape, size and It is not a pool but it is the complete mirror image of one. The mould is then built inside the pattern, then it is removed from the pattern. Once the pattern is completed we then add liquid sealers and release agents which allow for mould to be removed from the pattern in the smoothest way possible. The pool must be built to level if not your pool builder will find it to be very difficult to place the pool correctly at the time of installation.

 If the pool hasn’t been constructed correctly it can cause many issues at the time of install, such as a lot of time wasted continually trying to place the pool in the right position. If the pattern is made the correct way you should have a straight forward install with no issues. It is important that when choosing your pool company that you do your research and only use a reputable company. Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we have many years of experience building only the highest quality fibreglass pools. We use laser levels when creating the pattern to ensure the levels are thoroughly correct. The time it takes to complete the building process of a pattern is 2-4 months.

The Mould

The second step in building a new fibreglass pool is the mould. The quality of your pool will highly depend on how good the mould is as your this is what your pool will be built on. If there is anything wrong with the mould such as dents it will have a huge impact on the fibreglass shell. It is so important that your pool is built on a strictly level mould. Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, all our pools come with a 5 digit number, this number is different for each shell. The reason we put this number on each shell is so we can track it efficiently when it leaves the manufacturing plant. The outside of the mould is orange/red in colour and is made from fibreglass and a steel frame interior. Each shell goes through a very strict and thorough process which is called quality control. Once the shell has come off the mould the 5 digit number is imprinted on the shell. This unique number allows us to track the shells once they have left the warehouse. 

The production of the pool shell

 Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we use 3 layers of Vinyl Estin Resin when building our pools, this ensures each pool is built with increased strength and protection. We make no exception when it comes to manufacturing only the highest quality fibreglass pools which is why we only use Vinyl Ester Resin which is the highest quality Resin on the market today, it has excellent resistance to osmosis, heat, corrosion and water damage. 

Fibreglass Pools Melbourne take pride in only manufacturing fibreglass pools at the highest standards which is why all of our pools are made from the new generation high-performance fibreglass which is also known as JUSHI E6-CR GLASS FIBRE. This fibreglass is a High-performance environment-friendly material that replaces mainstream E glass fibres, it provides technical breakthroughs in strength, modulus, temperature resistance and acid corrosion resistance, meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications.  

All our fibreglass pool shells are made from the inside out, which includes 7 structural layers of construction. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 different layers of strength that make a fibreglass pool.

7 Layers of Strength

  1. Interior Surface Finish– This is made from our advanced colour technology gelcoat which is UV and chemical resistant which means our fibreglass pools are being made from the best colour technology available
  2. Anti- Corrosion Barrier – The second layer is where we use the highest quality Vinyl Ester Resin Layer which provides fantastic bonding to Advanced Pool Colour Technology as well as incredible chemical and water resistance for the strongest protection possible.
  3. First structural and additional chemical resistant layer – Here is where an additional layer of the Vinyl Ester Resin is added, combined with JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre to further increase corrosion resistance and strength to the laminate.
  4. Second Structural Layer- The fourth layer incorporates a high level of high-quality Polyester resin and JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre and then additional structural enhanced properties. We use no fillers in the process.
  5. Reinforcement Layer- The fifth layer is an additional layer of high-quality Polyester resin and JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre with added structural enhanced properties to reinforcement structures on the pool shell. We use no fillers in the process.
  6. Outer Core Laminate- This core laminate is called Klegecell/Divinycell sandwich and it is used on luxury yachts & F1 racing boats. Klegecell/Divinycell has been founded as a world leader when it comes to high-performance sandwich core strengthening. 
  7. Outer Sealer Coat- Last but not least our final layer, this layer is a glossy finish coat that protects the pool’s layers. This coast is made from high quality waxed polyester resin

Once the 7 layers of strength have been completed there are some final and important steps to complete the process, let’s take a look at what this includes

Curing and release from the mould

Once the pool has been built and had an efficient amount of time to cure, the next step is to release it from the mould, which it will then be trimmed and detailed. When the pool is built, brick ties are placed to allow the pool to be tied into the concrete bond beam when it is being installed into the ground.

Trimming-Final inspection and detailing

Each pool is supported on drums, allowing the pool to be trimmed and detailed for the final inspection. As we are reaching the final stage, the trimmer box is then cut and the main drain hole is drilled, getting it ready to leave the site. The skimmer box cut out is kept as a sample which has the pool number, shape, size and all detailed production records for future reference if required.

The finished pool is ready for delivery

This is the final step, the shell is now placed on the truck for delivery. The delivery driver checks all paperwork to ensure everything is correct before leaving the factory. 

Fibreglass Pools Melbourne has been in the pool industry for the past 30 years. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and offering a truly beautiful range of top quality fibreglass pools. Our range of pools we leave you feeling spoilt for choice, whichever style, size, shape and design you are looking for you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are in the market for a fibreglass pool then you have come to the right place, our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions you might have, feel free to give us a call today!

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