How Finger Millets (Ragi) Helps Your Body

We all know there are multiple grains and millets of the olden days that are still available in the market. Our grandmothers used to have them in different forms of food, religiously. Today, you can understand what actually changes when you add these millets, especially Ragi, in your diet and how it helps you lose weight – leaving beautiful results on your skin.


Out of all the organic millets, researchers say Ragi possesses the best qualities in hardening your body muscles and cleansing your body. Ragi is rich in fibre and helps to cut down your cholesterol levels. It is also rich in calcium. Some people are allergic to milk based products, they can substitute this with Ragi. Ragi has amazing nutritional values with essential macronutrients like carbohydrates, fibre, fats and protein along with micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. 


Ragi is highly packed with nutrients as mentioned earlier, it also provides benefits in improving digestion, slowing down ageing and balancing insulin levels. It has good levels of sodium and cholesterol levels that helps in reducing heart diseases.


The vitamin C and E in it helps in boosting your immunity. It also helps in revitalizing skin and strengthening hair. The amino acids like isoleucin, tryptophan, valine, methionine and threonine and anti oxidants play a crucial role in enhancing the health your skin. The external appearance always lasts with good internal supplements. You can use ragi flour as an exfoliator which helps in removing all the dead cells, giving you an extra glow with good moisture. It works great on both oily and dry skin. 


The top coat of ragi millet has anti oxidants that acts as great anti ageing factors. This helps in new cell formation, closing of your open pores, boosts collagen that can give smooth texture to your skin.


You can apply mask using ragi flour with some raw milk and honey on a weekly basis. This helps in removal of tan and acts as great barrier to the exposure of harmful UV rays. Also tightens your skin and evens out your skin tone.


The anti inflammatory compounds in ragi millets helps your skin in decreasing facial oil production. This can decrease your acne. Its cooling properties helps in reducing the reddish boils all over your face. Also the dark pimple spots and marks can slowly fade out. 


Since Ragi is a gluten free grain, it can be added on daily basis. It is cheaper and easier to make. Some Ragi recipes can be cooked in different forms – 

  • Ragi Malt
  • Ragi Dosa (Dosa: An Indian crêpe otherwise made of fermented rice)
  • Ragi balls (substitute rice)
  • Ragi Roti (Roti: An Indian Flattened Bread otherwise made of wheat)
  • Ragi Cookies
  • Ragi Pakoda (Fritters)

Since we all are being health conscious these days , instead of running behind preserved and canned food, we can fulfill our fitness goals by keeping it simple and basic with natural supplements.

 Stay healthy stay beautiful.

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