How do you measure success?


One of the greatest hurdles we face is our misinterpretation of what achievement means. Many constituents decide success, and it’s almost funny to believe that it can only be determined according to the number of things you have collected or how high you grow in your profession. These are the outwards dimensions of success, which has nothing to do with the actuality of your personal life.

Many people equate success with the amount of money they make or their connections. Although this is valid to some extent, it isn’t the full account because, in the end, the accurate weight of achievement comes from your thoughts of what you want. You might find it strange to learn that some of the most pressing times of life happen when you have lots of money.

Almost always, your ends are inward-focused; they are all about your achievements, your profession, and your accomplishments.

These measure a level of authority, but they fall short of the accurate weight of progress. The problem arises when you don’t have intelligent choices; you allow incidents to command your priorities and time. That’s when success calms you into the satisfaction of its momentum.

Few people understood that real achievement should be weighed by how calm, composed, and happy they are, particularly in making a positive difference among other’s lives. It’s natural to be overwhelmed with your meetings with influential and fascinating people.

But when you can build something from scratch and have an enjoyable time learning, maturing, and becoming an expert in your craft, no amount of money can make you feel comfortable. It’s your self satisfaction that makes you happy, particularly when a deal is closed or a project is completed. While many individuals have risen from misfortune to the heights of success, matching yourself to others without understanding their conditions will only lead to resentment and antipathy. Be sure that your accomplishment is something that you own rather than being controlled by it.

Not that I accuse you, but your childhood can also have a considerable impact not only on your capacity to lead successful goals but also on your level of aspiration and ambition. If you were brought up to understand that we don’t do things like that, then it can be tough to go against others’ expectations and win. This can be a real testing stone as you run the risk of estranging yourself from those you love.

Money isn’t just the answer to achieving. Most people would think the wealth and business success that comes with it has earned joy. If you don’t appreciate what you’re doing or aren’t having a lot of pleasure despite making a lot of money or brushing shoulders with the wealthy and famous – then it’s time to move on to something that does make you satisfied and fulfilled.

Progress doesn’t have to be pre-defined by others’ timelines and expectations. Everything in life happens for a purpose at its own pace, and every breath you take is already an accomplishment.

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