Home Remedies for Kidney Pain in Lower Back

There are different kinds of uncommon explanations for why your back could be hurting. Sometimes, it is due to one of your internal organs, your nervous system, or the actual spinal cord. 

Internal Organs- Lower back pain

This can be the scenario when it includes the kidneys and for many people, this is the type of back pain that may be more serious than any other. There are different kinds of issues that could cause you to feel back pain due to your kidneys. 

Here are two kidney conditions that can cause you to feel back pain and a few possible solutions: 

One type of kidney condition that may trigger significant pain is a kidney infection. This sort of disease may be moderate or severe and may trigger some lasting damage to your kidneys if it is not fixed. If you are coping with a kidney infection, your back is most likely going to hurt in the area of the kidneys, perhaps to the right or to the left of the backbone. One must always understand that kidney infections not only cause back pain but also radiate from your front and could be mistaken as stomach pain. This makes it a bit more challenging to recognize the issue unless some other symptoms are seen.

You may encounter issues with your kidney due to real trauma to that part of your body. It’s not uncommon for your kidneys to get injured in this manner, which may cause significant pain that may last for some time. Though it is distinctive compared to kidney infection, it may feel very related because the pain can spread out into other areas of the back and make it confronting to track the problem down.

The most common type of kidney linked back pain comes from having kidney stones. Kidney stones are calcium build-ups that form inside the kidneys and may survive there for an extended amount of time. When the stones start moving through the kidneys in the urethra path, they start tearing the lining inside the kidney, leading to the distress that you’re encountering. For many people, the pain experienced from kidney stones can be very severe. Until the stone in the kidney either stops moving or passes, the pain will continue.

Home Remedy for Kidney Stone

This is why the prevention of kidney stones is the best way to overcome the problem. You avoid them by following your diet plan to some extent and also by drinking copious levels of water during the day. This water will aid in purifying your kidneys and in keeping the calcium deposits from building.

You must consume water often, between 8 to 10 glasses every day. This can aid with flushing out the toxic particles before they’ve got a chance to develop into the stones that you’re facing. The additional water may also help cleanse your kidneys if you encounter problems with tiny kidney stones. 

Home Remedy for Kidney Infection

For anyone who is facing a kidney infection and wants to know an all-natural cure, one of the most useful things that you can do would be to consume a lot of fluids (No to carbonated drink- only water and juices). 

Only by drinking water, you can flush your system and keep your body hydrated. It’s also wise to get enough rest to allow your system to cure itself and also to cope with the infection until you recover. Continue drinking water after it is solved so that you can stop it from re-occurring again. 

Here are four other home remedies you must follow.

  1. Drink cranberry juice: Cranberry juice is one of the most useful remedies for bladder infections and UTIs. 
  2. Avoid coffee and alcohol: Give your kidney a break. The kidney’s primary role is to drain out toxic substances and both caffeine and alcohol can require extra work from the kidneys.
  3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps defend tissues from oxidative stress, which can improve kidney health.
  4. Heating Pad: While you wait for the antibiotics to work, you can use heat therapy to decrease pain. Use a heating pad on the painful area, and keep it on for about 15-20 minutes.

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