Hitting Hyde Park in London After Lockdown

If you find yourself flying to London, you should plan on exploring Hyde Park. Henry VIII enjoyed hunting for deer on the land that makes up the park, but in the first part of the 17th century, King James I granted access to the public. You can enjoy sports, riding, boating, and riding, or visit the much-known Speakers Corner. There you can let your thoughts be known to the crowd while standing on a soapbox and speaking.

Acquired from the monks of Westminster Abby back in the 1500s and located on 350 acres of land, there are many activities available to the public, including strolls through the beautiful gardens and sailing on the lake. You can even bring your own horse and experience horse riding. You will also find six tennis courts to play on, or you may fancy getting into a pickup soccer game. Why not savor the Bowling Green, you might be good at it! During the summer it’s a lovely place to enjoy a concert which is held on most weekends.

Since the park is so big, there are many unusual things to see within it. Make your way to the northeast corner to observe the marble arch that was initially part of Buckingham Palace but relocated to Hyde Park in 1851. A monument sanctifying Princess Diana is one of the latest additions to the park. It is a fountain that is circled with over 500 pieces of granite. It even has three bridges that go over water that flows through it, so you can see that it’s very detailed.

Hyde Park is very convenient from the tube. It’s between Bayswater Road, Park Lane, Knightsbridge, and Kensington Gardens.

You may have to check-in at one of the local pubs after spending a full day at the park. If you favor an upscale atmosphere, then try the Four Seasons Hotel bar. Stop in at the Conservatory located in Lanesborough if you like listening to a piano.

If you still have the drive, try different pubs around where it’s exciting, and you could see various celebrities. If you’re feeling rowdy, head over to the Rose and Crown pub in Mayfair where you’ll have a sexy time.
Soaked in history on hundreds of acres with many diverse activities, Hyde Park is one London destination you must see, and no journey would be complete without a visit to it.

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