Gerardo Gallo Bet On Himself and Doubled Down

Gerardo Gallo

Not every day is someone so intrigued by entrepreneurship and learning a skill that they would be willing to spend hours every week at a friends’ house just to have access to a computer. Gerardo Gallo, an entrepreneur from Argentina, is not like most people. As a kid, he would visit friends who would loan him a computer, and he would teach himself programming and the Internet. Other times, he would sell fruits and vegetables on the streets to have the money to buy parts so he could build car models. Entrepreneurship has not been something Gerardo has decided to go into, it has been who he is since a child.

While he spent time working in a technology center, he worked tirelessly outside of his job to build up a company that he could transition to full time. FULLServices Service Portal was a result, offering more than 20 free services including news, a chat room, e-mail, TV and film guides, a blogging platform, and more. Since launching, Gallo’s network has been developing web based services with the latest technologies available, with the company in its 15th year.

Gerardo has always felt the urge to create. Solving problems has always brought him enormous satisfaction, and he has always had his own initiative and does not feel fulfilled working for someone else. Because of this, he has learned to face the reality that becoming a successful entrepreneur takes time, and does not come without failure. He treats failed projects as something to learn and get better from, and has never been ashamed to admit when he has failed at something. 

Gerardo admits that the biggest benefit of being an entrepreneur is freedom. While he does log long hours working on his business, he is able to work from anywhere in the world and never has to report to anyone as he is his own boss. He has the potential to make as much money as he wants, as his income is a direct result of how much traffic is driven to his online services. To him, it has always been a no brainer to work in the entrepreneurship space.

Gerardo may not be where he is today if it was not for his father. A major lesson he learned from his father was that no one will promote your abilities for you, and that you are your best salesperson. Once he learned this, he understood that he must always take matters into his own hands if he wants to see his business succeed. Clearly, he has done a tremendous job with it to this point, and the future is bullish for Gerardo and his brand. 

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