Five Great Tips when you want to Import from China

More than fifty thousand million pounds worth of goods is imported from China to Britain each year. It is becoming one of the most popular places to import from and more businesses choose to import from China every day. The fact is if you get it right it can boost your profits and see your business achieving huge success.

But if you get it wrong, things can go pretty bad. Dealing with China is not the same as dealing with a supplier in the same country as you. Research is needed before you start bringing in goods and run into issues that threaten your business. Here are five tips that will certainly help.

  1. Make sure you work with exporters who are credible – Always check to ensure you are working with credible and reputable exporters. Just looking online for some names and then working from the top is not the best way to find people with experience that you can trust. There are people from China willing to scam you as there are in the rest of the world. You order some samples, they send it back and it is all high quality and great, you order and pay for a bulk order and this time you receive substandard items or nothing at all. Ask for references and check into them and do some research on them.
  2. Understand terminology used and be detailed about every single thing – It is really important that you learn and use the correct terminology and that you are precise about everything so expectations are clear and there is no misunderstandings. A great example of this is you might want something to be made from leather but when it arrives it is not. It turns out that you have state genuine leather in the order otherwise they will use imitation to save money when you import from China.
  3. Be prepared for quality control problems – The kind of quality control process you might be used to in the Western world is not the same as over in China. You have to set your own quality control requirements and make sure the Chinese manufacturer meets those standards. Otherwise, you will have problems with things not meeting the standards back home.
  4. Make sure shipping details are specific – Those specific and precise details are important in the shipping information as well. It happens that you can import from China and find boxes falling over themselves when you open the container.
  5. Narrow down the products you import from China – It can be a great way to make a profit but you should narrow down the products rather than have too broad a genre. It might even be worth finding a manufacturer in China that specialises in one or two products only and work with them. Look for businesses that have a good track record for prompt delivery and quality products.

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