Experience, Metaphor and Magic: What are ideas in Entrepreneurship and How to Create Them?

The entrepreneurship journey begins with many questions and doubts.

  1. How can I secure funding?
  2. What is a business plan?
  3. Whom do I approach with my business plan?

Finding answers to the questions above is simple only if you have already developed an idea, thought, service or product.

What if you have not yet formed an idea, thought, service, or product? Does this mean that you can never propel or realize your entrepreneurial goals? Of course not! Although forming an idea, thought, service, or product can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome, it is not unmanageable and can be solved rather painlessly.

Here is how you can create ideas


You have to know what you are engaged in and what type of knowledge and expertise you possess. Defining these factors will help you concentrate your thinking process. For instance, if you are interested in information technology but have no knowledge or experience with networks outside of internet surfing or word processing, it will be challenging to create a commercial idea for IT software components. Know your boundaries, and keep your thought process sound. In other words, do not let your imagination run wild. When you become good at generating ideas, then you can make your imagination do some work, but not at the start.


Ideas are like illusions. Have you ever encountered the event of fantasy, waking up retaining the entire thing and then ten minutes later, not remembering any of it? In my view, ideas follow a similar pattern. An external provocation will trigger a plan, and soon after having thought it up, I cannot retrieve any of it. The way to solve this problem is to get a small diary to write down your ideas. Get one of the cute notebooks that you see police officers carry in their pockets. Whenever you have a concept, could you write it down? This way, you can look at your diary and later begin to refine your plan.


Ideas transpire like magic. I know this seems cheesy, but hear me out. Have you ever been lying on your couch, and a friend asks, “What is the name of the actress in X movie?” You know the answer, but you cannot remember the actor’s name even after thinking anxiously. You get frustrated and give up. A few moments later, you are watching television, not thinking about anything, and then “poof,” the actresses’ name pops into your head. Ideas also mirror this pattern. The truth is every individual has had at least one solid idea in his/her life. Sometimes, without seeing it, a provocation stirs something in our mind, and a thought appears in our head. When this happens, note it down in your notebook for refining it.


It will be useful if not force your ideas, rest if you need one, and stay patient. Do not expect wonders the first time. Go through the journey, and everything should work out. When they hit you, jot down ideas, sharpen your thought, discover a problem, think of an explanation, and evolve your original plan.

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