Everything You Need to Know About Online Gambling Card in Indonesia

Most people like to play gambling card games that interesting to play with many strategies. Some of the country have their own unique gambling card games. Because have different behavior and satisfaction with the games. One of the countries that have their unique game is Indonesia with various gameplay. You can try to play it in 99misi that will provide many various gambling games with playing card or domino card. Here’s more detail for the gambling card games that provided from the sites.

Gambling Card Games From Indonesia

From the local gambling sites in Indonesia know with Pkv games as their server to provide this games. This server specially create the games with the needs and preferred of Indonesia players need. Here some of the games that you can play :

Poker and Bandar Poker

First there is a poker game that is so worldwide and entered Indonesia through social media. Poker has become popular in Indonesia and is popular because of its ease and free play makes this game a lot of search. Because it is already popular this poker, it is not uncommon for players who want to find real money. In the agent of pkv games itself also provides poker in addition there are other variations with players who become bookies.


If this one game is already a favorite and popular in Indonesia. In fact, this type of game is better known than poker and this is the basis for the pkv games to issue these games. Capsa stacking is arguably a variation of poker because it is played using a combination of poker

Bandar Sakong

this one game is also traditional among Indonesians. Many are looking for this game and make this game one of the exciting variations of playing gambling


baccarat itself is a type of game with playing cards commonly played at casinos. So it’s not uncommon for Indonesians to play this game too.


moreover this type of domino card game is very traditional and is often played in small stalls. So certainly the pkv games dealer will develop this game and present it to lovers in Indonesia

Aduqiu and Bandarq

this is also a type of game with dominoes and variations of dominoqq that distinguish only played with 2 cards only and dominoqq is played with 4 cards. So it depends on the choice of players who want to play with how many cards

Bandar66 / adubalak

This type of game is fun and simple because it is only played using 1 card and there is a new system option called sidebet.

Services Support Online 24 Hour

You can try to play all the games open for 24 hour and no close. If anything you want to ask there’s customer support that will help you with anything you want to know. As we know this is the best gambling card sites in Indonesia that you can play.

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