Eco-friendly activities that are positively affecting our planet

Ecofriendly: Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or something that is not toxic to the environment. This term generally refers to goods that add to green living or practices that preserve resources like energy and water.

A lot has been said and written by the Ecofriendly approach in life. But do we know the eco-friendly activities that are saving the world?

A recent survey has exhibited definitive evidence that eco-friendly practices have contributed significantly to reducing the consumption of finite resources, pollution levels, and have managed to repair the ozone layer. No matter where you live on earth, following these practices is not just a trend – it is a firm gesture, a shift towards a better life, and eventually, better earth.

Here are a few eco-friendly activities that are positively affecting our planet:

Home improvement

In the last century, people believed that corporations were the only ones that could make a remarkable difference in protecting the planet, but this tale was soon busted. Every move counts, even at a local scale and sustainable home remodelling trends, if followed by many people worldwide, can have a tremendous collective impact. This can be practiced by replacing traditional lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Turning to non-toxic cleaning products, planting trees around the home to generate natural insulation and better air quality, and fitting insulation to reduce energy waste is also beneficial.

Recycling drives

Recycling is one of the most popular eco-friendly trends on the list and the oldest. Ambitious youngsters (Hi Arushi and Nik) are starting to learn about its value at a tender age. Of course, when learning that the basic act of throwing an empty tin can in the best garbage disposal frees enough energy to power a TV for three hours, it’s hard not to take part in the recycling practice. This is presently pursued by both people and businesses, although some nations are better at it than others.

Electric vehicles

Electric cars have gone from hideous, ugly vehicles to magnetic, state of the art toys for tech-savvy people. Thanks to companies such as Tesla, BMW, and Toyota, electric hybrids now look marvelous and much easier to charge. Besides, many countries have allowance programs for people who purchase electric cars, which balances moderately high purchasing costs. For the younger population or individuals who don’t want to buy electric cars just yet, electric scooters are a helpful idea. Germany is at the top of the ladder, followed by South Korea and Australia.


As much as they tried making eco-friendly changes to their business plan, hotels remain a significant source of pollution because they produce a lot of waste. From their unique commercial cleaning demands to their abundant water and energy waste, hotels may present a luxury adventure, but they do little in terms of environmental stability. This is why the past few years have seen constant growth in alternative accommodation means and green travel. Tourists throughout are exploring green tourism and are beginning to favor peer-to-peer accommodation over hotels. This not only allows a more personal, raw experience but also lessens waste. Guests only use the supplies they want, and disposal is done in a more responsible manner.

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