Driving from Malaga to Trevelez

Malaga to Trevelez

Let’s explore a fascinating day trip from Malaga to Trevelez in Spain. 

Most of the township of Trevelez is settled in the Sierra Nevada National Park in Granada. The town lies at an altitude between 1450 and 1650 meters. Due to its location, Trevelez is the gateway to a large number of trips to the Sierra Nevada.

The journey from Malaga to Trevelez takes around a two-hour drive along the coast to Salobreña by the controlled-access highway. It is a type of road intended for high-speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic flow—ingress and egress—regulated. 

From there, we drive towards the depths and the mountains. Here begins the new Sierra Nevada highway A-44, which we follow for about a dozen km before connecting to Lanjaron. Before Orgiva, we take the A-4132 in the direction of Trevelez.

The towns through which we pass includes Orgiva, Pampaneira, Canar Lanjaron, and Busquistar. Each of these laid-back settlements is worth a stay because they have an extraordinary charm; many of these communities maintain the imprint of their Arab ancestry, with eccentric architecture and close spiraling streets.

The road is rugged, with many curves and quite narrow due to the rocky terrain, yet it has incredible views and driving with a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour you can experience this car ride.

The climate in Trevelez is Alpine, and because of its elevation, temperatures are comparatively lower than the hot temperatures in remaining Andalusia. Summers in Trevelez is bright and mild, while winter snow is a regular feature, although temperatures are not too cold.

The town is famous for Jamón de Trevelez, a quality Ham, due to its environment, which makes this city of Granada an ideal “pantry” for hams. 

Trevelez, set in the Sierra Nevada National Park, with an unusual microclimate, distinguished by cold and dry winters and slightly warm summers, rough terrain, and a forever clean atmosphere, blends several favorable conditions for the preparation and curing of flesh.

The ham is accompanied by red wine and bread. It is also perfect as a component of any dish. Although alone, it is also a specialty. Trevelez River, whose waters come down fresh and clean, grows the famous trout, a gourmet meal.

You can enjoy a fabulous trip through stunning scenery, go walking or hiking, and connect all with the delicious gastronomy of this white village in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Getting to Trevelez is a delightful experience, turning the scenery of the landscape entirely from the lush subtropical green along the shore to the highest point in the peninsula in less than two hours, with mountain landscape, distant valleys, pine trees, and chestnut and lots of natural springs.

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