Does the Bottom of an Entry Mat Matter?


So, you are interested in investing in an entry mat?

When it comes to making your entryway in your home or business a welcoming one, an entry mat can really do quite a bit in ensuring it is a positive welcome!

Entry mats can vary in shape, size, and color. All three factors play an important role in making the entry mat a unique factor to that specific space.

But one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on what type of entry mat to invest in is understanding and evaluating the backing to that entry mat.

The best outside mats are ones that have a sturdy backing and can withstand multiple environments.

Here are five things to consider when evaluating the backing of an entry mat.

1.       Understand what the purpose of the entry mat is

Because there are so many types of entry mats to choose from, it is important to first understand what the main objectives of having one are before selecting one. For example, the type of backing that you want in an entry mat will vary if it is simply for your own home, which has low foot traffic, compared to your business, which sees hundreds of people walk through your doors every day.

2.       You want the backing to be strong and sturdy

The backing of an entry mat is very important in regards to the health and safety of your welcome area—whether that be your home or business. It is dangerous to have an entry mat that can be shifted easily or can get bunched up—likely it will cause someone to trip and injure themselves! This is why the backing to your entry mat is vital, as the sturdier it is, the safer everyone who passes over it will be.

3.       Backings vary depending on floor surfaces

If your entryway is not carpeted, chances are you will be wanting an entry mat that has a rubber-backed mat. This means that there is certainty the entry mat will stay sturdy no matter what. But, if your floor surface is carpeted, the backing factors will vary. It may even be necessary to use carpet tape to ensure that the entry mat can not get shifted easily.

4.       The better the backing, the better it can collect moisture

One of the many benefits of having an entry mat is that they are extremely successful at capturing moisture, along with dirt and germs. The backing of the entry mat plays a pivotal role in collecting any moisture that might creep in from underneath. The best type of backings to successfully do this are either a rubber or vinyl backing. But entry mats that have a polyolefin backing are equally successful at staying sturdy despite moisture creeping in.

5.       Versatility determines the type of backings of an entry mat

Again, understanding the use of your entry mat will also determine the type of backing you need. For example, if the entry mat is being short term and will likely be transferred around to multiple places, you want to have a backing that allows you to easily roll it up. But if the entry mat is a long term permanent feature, it does not really matter if the backing allows you to roll it up or not.

Who would have thought there would be so many varying factors when it came to choosing the right backing to an entry mat! But the backing is one of those critical features that you do not want to overlook or neglect because it will determine how helpful and practical the entry mat is for you in the long run.

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