DIY Tips for Making Your Coin Wrapper


If you have a knack for coin collection, making your wrappers will be convenient for you to do. By recycling paper bags, you can also take part in the green campaign. You can make up to two dozen coin wrappers solely by using one regular-size paper market bag.

The following are the tips for making your coin wrapper:

The primary thing you have to do is to open the market bags and lay them flat on a flat surface such as a table. Shape it into a sound rectangle. Then, start to measure each size of the coins you are working on wrapping. If you would like to wrap your cents, you can mark it and cut two 4-inch strips along the bag. Cut one of them into squares with 7 cm wide. Place all of them in a stack, then at the top of the pile with “Pennies-.50¢.”

If you want to make a wrapper for the nickel, cut the other 4-inch strip into perfect squares with a 10.16cm width. For dimes, you need to make the paper with a breadth of 9cm, and for the quarters, you can cut it with a width of 3¼ inches. For each of them, you can identify the top of the stack with the exact denomination and the monetary amount.

The following thing to do is overlap each edge of the wrapper until it lightly folds each other by one-eighth of 2.54cm. Apply the glue on one of the sides and push it with the other one so that they can cling to each other. Set the joint you have just pasted on the center by smoothing the wrapper.

Leave the resultant product to dry before you use it. Yes, you have your coin wrapper ready. If you have issues with measuring the wrapper in centimeters, you can also use inches for accurate measurements. Just divide the numbers above with 2.54, and you will have inches.

We wish you the best.

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