DIY: How To Paint Your Snowboard

Painting your snowboard by NYK Daily

If you are a regular snowboarder, you want to be different and stand out on the hills. One technique to do this is with your choice of snowboard apparel. However, another trendy way to do this is to paint your snowboard.

You can DIY (do this yourself) if you have the experience and patience. To do a great job, you have to read four steps – planning the board, priming the board, outlining it, and concealing it.

The first thing that you need is a functional work area. There are benefits to performing this DIY, both outdoors or indoor. If you have an indoor work area, please ensure that the ventilation system is decent enough to drain the paint fumes from the room. If your work area is situated outdoors, your principal concern will be deciding a non-windy area where the air currents are weak or non-existent so they won’t hinder your paint job.

To ensure that the board is clean, wash the dirt off the cover to be painted with a fresh damp rag. You also want to eliminate any wax build-up. Any good wax remover from your town hardware or grocery store should do the job. Then, you want to scuff the exterior of the board with fine sandpaper. This will serve it to secure the primer coat. Finally, please fill-up the necessary holes with q-tips to check paint or primer from sealing them.

Once the preparation job is done, priming is comparatively easy. Spray it on in accordance with the instructions on the spray can. However, you want to duck over priming the board. So, avoid trying to do everything with one pass, if needed, do multiple light passes until you have incorporated the board well. The critical thing is to keep the spray can moving, so you don’t have primer build-up in bits. Then let the primer dry.

When painting the snowboard, first pick up the framework colors – again using various light layers, if needed, instead of one heavy coat. When you are happy with the background colors and density, you can use stencils to draw any logos or designs on the board.

The next step is to seal the board by crystal coating it. This is usually a multi-phase method as you will want to utilize three to four coats on the board.

Finally, give your board that subtle glossy finish, get some rubbing compound from your regional auto supply shop, and give the surface a gentle buffing.

Your snowboard is ready.

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