DIY: How to Make Your Own Hanging Vase at Home?

What is a hanging Vase?

A hanging vase is a vase that hangs. They are incredibly handy and can be used to hold water for soil for plants, flowers, or even the glow of a candle. You can hang it on a wall hook, door, or railing.

Here is our DIY Hanging Vase. 

Staying at home, protecting myself from the current pandemic, I experimented and came across a classic design for a hanging vase I had pictured in my mind. 

If you’re interested in a budget-friendly way to include more foliage without obstructing your space with pots, this is the perfect solution. 

Lets’ begin.

Things needed: 

  • Scrap Wood
  • Screws
  • Hanging Kit or Command Hanging Solution
  • Glass Tubes
  • Copper Tube Straps
  • Tools
  • Drill
  • Hammer

Note: I am not mentioning the dimensions of the tubes or the tube straps because that will depend solely on what you find and choose to use. If you have your containers, take them to Home Depot, and you will be able to find the bands that fit them comfortably. If you’re looking for something less rustic, you can explore a lot of lovely wood pieces that could work. All in all, everything depends on you and the choices you make. This DIY project is easy to put together and considerably inexpensive. 


  1. Once you have all your raw materials, all you need to do is drill a couple of holes (similar to the holes in the tube straps) into your base. Make sure that your support is sufficiently thick to endure the size of the screws.
  2. If you plan to hang these on your wall the old school way, go ahead and nail your hanger to the rear of the base.
  3. Once finished, drill the tube straps half into the bottom so that the straps are loose enough to fit.
  4. Slip your tube through the tube strap until it is placed the way you like (we arranged our containers so that the tube strap was the half mark). Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the tube, bind the screws until the container is secure (do this smooth and gentle or else the tube will crack)
  5. Fix your finished vase to the wall and decorate with artificial or real grasses, flowers, or air plants. You can also add candles in the vase and light it for a romantic movie night. 

Sit back and savor the little pieces of nature, bringing your space to life. 

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