DIY: How to make a BBQ Grill?

BBQ grill

Preparing food outside can be an excellent way to relish your backyard patio and relax after work. There are various types of BBQ grill available at stores, but you can also make your own. Here are four DIY options brought to you by NYK Daily.

Oil Drum

Drums are accessible in most parts of the world. With a little bit of welding experience, you can make a professional-quality barbecue grill. Most individuals cast a hatch, add hinges, and attach legs to keep everything from falling over. This design may not be a good idea if you don’t have any welding knowledge or tools. By the time you add up the prices of welding gear and the value of your own time, it may be more economical just to buy a ready-to-use cooking unit.


If you can give a small open space in the yard, a tiny brick structure can be an exceptional place to smoke and barbecue foods for friends and family. A brick construction can be much more extensive than conventional, store-bought choices. Of course, it will be a sound installation that can’t be transferred out of the way or relocated to your next home. Bricklaying is also an extremely technical skill to develop, but this could be a helpful beginner project if you are engrossed in mastering the art.

Patio Furniture

When people are trying to reuse metal grids for cooking, the patio furniture usually comes to mind. In theory, some chairs and tables could be utilized over an open flame as a grill surface. Most of the time, this is a lousy idea. Outdoor furniture often has paint and other synthetic substances to deter rust and corrosion. Heating these metals over fire could corrupt the burger patties and other food you plan to prepare and eat. If you can sandblast the fittings until it is a hard metal, it can be made reliable for use as a BBQ grill. Sadly, it’s tough to ensure that every side of every exterior is safe, and some substances can be carcinogenic or toxic in food.

Wheel Rim

If you only need to cook for a few people and don’t want to spend a lot of time or money, a wheel rim can be employed as a BBQ grill. If you are leasing an apartment and only have a tiny amount of space, this approach doesn’t take up much room. You’ll just require a wheel rim and a metal grid to sit over the top. A tiny amount of charcoal goes into the hollow below the grid. In many countries, particularly in Asia, these methods are among the most popular ways to cook fishes, plantains, and other local staples.

These DIY approaches are great projects for people looking to cherish their imagination and master skills like bricklaying or welding. Weekend projects like these, however, are most helpful if you fancy the project itself. For barbecues with more specific controls, it’s more useful to get one made by an expert.

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