DIY: Building a Stage Design

Stage Design

These days, people believe that if you are into building stage designs and work associated with this, it is an effortless task. But let me tell you that it is not simple, but you need to be experienced both mentally and technically for this work. People think that it is all about gathering a few pieces of wood and then paint it, and it is all set. But the fact is that the ideas of most of the beginners in this field are too lofty for them to be ever built in actuality.

These designs can barely be worked out for some production work. So before you get on to that area in real, you must know the necessary steps to do that task efficiently.

Here are a few steps to design a stage yourself.

First, you need to read the play in-depth, and you should also know if there are any scenes of action or you need to put some sets of view. Also, it is to be understood that how long the scenes and what the screenplay is.

Take complete guidelines from the director before starting with the setup. Often, the cast begins acting without really recognizing what to do and how the set is going to look like. So always try your best to regulate the event and let the director sit with you and clarify all the things in advance. Work out how the set will look and describe the motions in detail to the actors according to the set.

Decide which type of set you want, whether it should be an artistic one or not. Always design the set according to the subject of your play. Collect all the information which the set should have. Write down which level it has to be acted in and which traditional factor it needs to have.

After that, you need to gather the raw materials and the platform. If you need a battle set, canvas flats are still trendy for this purpose. Apart from that, you can always use your own imagination to design the stage. Use the draperies according to the need, and a lot of movables and props can be used.

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