Different Types of Student Accommodation in Birmingham


Student accommodation is a very essential aspect which every individual has to think about before opting for overseas education. Students have to select a particular type of accommodation where he or she will stay for the entire period of his or her course as opted for abroad education. A student has to take in various factors like his or her own budget, convenience, facility as provided by a particular accommodation and various other aspects before he or she selects a particular place of residence. There are different types of accommodation which one can find in a country like England. 

Birmingham is home to a different types of accommodation that students can opt for. Some of the major types are listed below:

• Students flats:

Students flats Birmingham is the most common type of student accommodation which are opted by students going for overseas education. Available on single or shared a room basis, student flats provide a great medium for individuals to obtain world-class education with complete comfort and luxury. Standalone flats are selected by students who are not on a budget and can bear daily expenses of rent and groceries easily. Shared apartments can also be opted based on a group basis which helps in bringing down the overall cost of hiring an apartment. Various types of facilities are available like the availability of a separate kitchen and bathrooms which makes student flats one of the best choices for overseas education. Though the living expenses can be high privacy and other essential services compensates for the same.

• On-campus accommodation:

On-campus accommodation is the most widely excepted type of accommodation where students opt for belonging from different countries. These refer to on-campus hostels and other forms of accommodation which are made available by the university itself. The overall cost of living in such accommodation is quite low as compared to other types of residential establishments. Moreover, they provide a chance of making friends with classmates and creating a wide circle of social groups. Students can live among people of their age and obtain necessary difficulties without any hassle. The best part about on-campus accommodation is the convenience that students receive as they can access various services like libraries and resources as made available by the university without even leaving the college campus. The level of security and safety on-campus accommodation is also high as compared to other forms of accommodation.

• Studio:

Studios referred to single room apartment or dorm rooms which make available all the necessary facilities within a single space. Facilities like a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even washroom are made available within a single room. Studios are generally selected by students who are on the lookout for privacy. Moreover, the overall rent and cost of living in such type of accommodation are also low. However, the space provided by a studio can be quite low which makes it necessary for students to handle their university-related work within a short space. One can even find a dual occupancy studio which also provides all the necessary facilities like a simple studio but with a larger space as compared to a single room studio. The cost of living in such accommodation is quite low and can provide additional benefits like a chance for living with a fellow roommate for better social life and moral support.

• En-suite:

Another type of accommodation is en-suite which acts as a single room private establishment that has its bedroom and bathroom. However, an individual has to share the cooking space with other fellow individuals who live within an en-suite. The accommodation is marked with a separate kitchen space which has to be shared among residents. This type of accommodation combined all the facilities of privacy as well as providing ability for individuals to know their fellow residents which can be from the same campus or working individuals. A shared en-suite provides an individual with all the necessary facilities needed for completing his or her overseas education with complete efficiency and without any hassle. Moreover, the student receives the extra benefit as such establishment is located near public transportation facilities which help in connecting them to other parts of the city.

• Private halls of residences:

A private hall is a special type of student accommodation that is similar in structure to university halls and on-campus accommodation. The only difference is that they are owned by private companies which aim towards providing necessary facilities which students made require for making their stay in a particular city for overseas education hassle-free. They are located within the heart of a city and deliver facilities that on-campus accommodation may fail to provide with efficiency. However, the cost of living in private halls of residence is quite high due to their additional benefits and facilities. The rent charged by companies for living in private hands can be exorbitant if an individual is not aware of their terms and conditions. Students must, therefore, select such type of accommodation depending upon their budget and personal preferences.

• University-managed houses:

Unlike on-campus accommodation, the university managed houses are a separate type of establishments which are located outside the campus but managed by the university itself. These act as a separate type of accommodation which is generally opted for students due to better facilities. The restrictions as posed by on-campus accommodation or not present in such type of facilities. However, these are generally marked by waiting lists which students have to clear for obtaining the same.

These are some major types of student accommodation which are opted by individuals looking for a comfortable stay. Some students even like to live with their territories with their own houses in the same city. This can help in bringing down the overall cost of living overseas for education. Student flats Birmingham and various other types of accommodation can be opted by students depending upon their personal preferences and budget constraints. Selecting a perfect accommodation can you help students in bringing the overall cost of living overseas and attaining education to the minimum which proves beneficial for themselves as well as their guardians.

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