David Nicolas Albanese: Serial Entrepreneur and Business Success Story

A real estate investor and entrepreneur, David Nicolas Albanese has 14-years’ experience running a variety of successful businesses. From general contracting to liquor stores to laundromats to pool supplies to restaurants to nightclubs, David knows how to turn challenges into money-making opportunities.

As the CEO of High Farms, David leads one of the most innovative companies in the cannabis industry. The company uses technology to improve cultivation and deliver a consistently superior product, benefiting consumers throughout California.

David also has the financial expertise to help people in need. His newest service, Credit Repair Beast, repairs bad credit reports in 60 days or less. A lifeline for many, the company reflects David’s memories of his mother’s struggles to provide for her family—in spite of her strong work ethic.

Thanks to his own financial freedom, David has the good fortune to advise business owners, inspire his colleagues, and contribute to his community.

To learn more about David Nicolas Albanese and his businesses, visit ThinkBigWorkSmall.com and HighFarmsDelivery.com.

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