Compressing PDF Files: Online Tools And Software

Having large PDF files is such a problem, and some think it’s challenging to fix it. Aside from splitting PDF pages to reduce the file size, another way to do it is to compress it. Compressing PDF files is a method where you can reduce its size without affecting much of the quality and resolution of the images and media in your PDF file.

Compressing PDF will help people be able to save space and will also allow users to send the files through email despite being initially too large to send. The following are the most popular sites and online tools to use for this method:

PDF Bear

This free online tool for compressing PDF files will allow its users to access their features. They also offer paid subscriptions per day for a low price so that the users who are willing to pay for more access can experience an excellent service.

When you reach their site, instructions on how to compress a pdf file will appear, which are easy to follow. PDF Bear assures its customer’s excellent service and good security on their documents since they are one of the best online tools.

The thing that PDF Bear is proud of is that unlike most compressing tools, they ensure that even if you reduce the size of your PDF file, the quality of the file will be in a standard resolution and not so much lower than that.

PDFelement Pro

Another compression tool that is free to use is this PDFelement Pro. They also offer great features for clients to use. They have four ways to compress and edit your PDF file using their tool. First is to remove unwanted features such as random pictures, watermarks, and more.

The second way is to use the built-in compressor to reduce or decrease its size. The third is to convert to another file format and see whether it works. The last method is to select the Optimized PDF, and you will be given the option to select the quality you want. With this method, you can send them through email, airdrop, and many more ways.

ORPALIS PDF Reducer Free

If you are looking for a free and straightforward tool, then this tool is useful for you. This tool has a lot of necessary but reliable features and is compatible with many versions of Windows. ORPALIS PDF Reducer Free is considered as one of the most accessible and reliable tools.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a similar tool to PDF Bear since it is an online tool you can open with your browser. Its procedures are the same with PDF Bear and are accessible to anyone. They ensure that the files you have uploaded to use their tools will be automatically deleted after every use.

Aside from the compressing tools, they also offer many more tools such as converting to and from PDF, merging and splitting the PDF file, giving protection and security to the files, and many more.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

This tool is one of the most advanced tools for PDF files. Since it is considered an advanced tool, using this will be a little bit difficult to use, but it will all be worth it in the end. This tool will produce an excellent quality to your PDF files since they ensure that the files’ quality and resolution will not be compromised.

TalkHelper PDF Converter is a free and downloadable PDF tool. It won’t be easy to understand at first, but if you figure it all out, it will be an excellent PDF Converter and PDF compressor to use.


These tools are just one of the millions of online tools and software that are on the internet. Choosing a tool will always be your choice and will depend on your preference. The internet provides and offers so many tools for us to use, and has made tasks and other things more convenient.

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