Company Formation Consultants in Dubai

What business consultancy do?

Company formation consultants in Dubai have a huge area for operation and can make your life easy and nice or complicated and miserable. Our job requires a lot of knowledge and being up-to-date at all times. 

We need to know the best products, deals and understand which solution matches the client’s needs better. Business setup in Dubai is not only about the paperwork but also about understanding what you choose and why

Emirabiz has been in the UAE market for 7 years and our business setup consultants are qualified to support any business idea or inquiry, that’s why we always ask questions and make a short investigation about the client’s requirements. It helps us to come up with the most adequate solution for your needs. 

We are for a fair competition and do not mind if clients make requests to other business setup consultants. However, we want to help and give short guidelines on how to choose a good consultant in the UAE. 

When you decide to send a request to company formation agents, you will immediately realize how many of them there are in the market. It might make you feel lost because you do not know whom to choose. Let’s look at the main criteria you should consider. 

How to choose a consultant?

All agents have various strategies and structure their fees in different ways. Some of them provide you with a clear scheme of charges, others will include their own fees into the costs of items. Of course, no one wants to pay high company formation charges but not always they will be as low as it seems from the first look. 

Some company formation consultants in UAE have a lower cost in the first year of the setup however they will sign you up for an unbreakable contract. And when the next year comes the renewal charges can be unexpectedly high. 

Another trick that is used on the market is a multiple installment payment plan. In reality installment plan setup is available only in Ajman Free Zone. In other cases, the agent might accept your credit card for an installment plan. However, you will still need to have the full required amount once you sign up for this. And as the practice is showing, sometimes getting a personal loan in banks is easier and will have smaller commissions.

Good vs bad consultants

So once we understand that the choice is big, it’s time to look for your preferred company formation companies. When you send a request to the consultants, it’s the time for the first impression. You will understand it from the way the company reacts to your request. I have heard from many clients how they sent a request and it took 3 days until someone reached out to them. When the market is so competitive it is important to be proactive. 

Another criterion is the information that you receive. We all are well aware of what is called “mystery shopping”. Once I sent a few requests to various companies and realized that out of 5 only 2 replied to me within 24 hours. And in both cases, they just sent generic information on 10 pages which might not even be the right solution for me, but that’s the product which they push to the market. It is quite upsetting because at the end of the day not everyone digs into details. For someone, time and low prices are the main criteria. 

So let’s think what are the consequences of taking a wrong license? There can be several of them:

  1. Your visa might get rejected if you choose the wrong registering authority. All immigration authorities are slightly different. For a regular case, there might be no difference but if your place of birth differs from nationality or if you are born in a country which is considered as a high risk, it’s better to have the right guidance.
  2. You might get an incorrect business activity. It won’t really matter to you if you open a company purely for residency purposes. However, if you are planning to open a corporate bank account, it’s better to be careful and avoid all the generic business activities. Such activity as general trading is the worst thing that can happen to you. Unless you are an experienced trader and planning to take a physical office or warehouse.  
  3. If you plan to take driving classes in the UAE, they will be done in the same Emirate where your visa is issued. So if you get a visa in Fujairah, this means that you will need to go to Fujairah for the classes and exams.

And there can be many other tiny details which you cannot know unless you ask the right person about them. So if you think that company formation costs are too high, please remember that you pay not only for the paperwork preparation but also for knowledge, quality of service etc. 

How Emirabiz works

Our job starts not once you pay the invoice but long before this. It starts from the moment we reply to your request. 

We do provide a free 30 minutes consultation which helps us to understand your needs and requirements and come up with a suitable solution.  

We can answer any of your questions starting with questions about UAE company register and up to information on Dubai freelance permit. Just drop us a few lines and mention “company formation Dubai free zone,  software trading, 1 visa, German nationality” and we will get back to you for more details and will provide a customized solution to your needs.

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