Celebrate World Chocolate Day With DIY Cake Decors


It is fascinating to note how many people are scared to decorate a cake. It is sad because it is relatively easy to learn how to make a cake just as wonderfully as any trained baker can. It takes some time spent in discovering the basics about step by step cake decoration.

There are a few compelling “insider” tips that make it remarkably easy to get the most effective results possible.

  1. Freezing the layers: one of the best ways to design an ideal base for several decoration methods is to ensure that it is completely free of crumbs, and the best way to do this is to freeze each of the layers first. Be sure to shield the cakes’ honor and check them from becoming too dry by just wrapping them tightly and allowing them to remain in the freezer for only a few days altogether.
  2. Trim it: while the cakes are still frosted, you must be sure to level the tops and bottoms.
  3. Understanding the relevant compositions for the frosting – if you are going to assemble a cake correctly, you need to understand the various fillings, coatings, and icing that is used in the process. You cannot hope to achieve top-notch results if the materials’ textures are not under your total control.
  4. Smoothing: Smoothing the cover may appear like the most basic steps, but you should learn which means and techniques work the best for you where the smoothing of the base layer of icing is concerned. This is where all of the decors are done, and it isn’t as easy as it appears to create a considerably smooth and flat surface, so it is essential to work hard to get this right.
    You may have seen that most of these techniques will require practice to master them, and this is a “step” that a lot of people skip. It is a real recipe for failure because it puts too much stress on the person making the cake to achieve the best result possible without having mastered the necessary steps first.
  5. Practice: This is the last and most crucial part of the process of learning exactly how to decorate cakes perfectly. It may sound like a typical cliché, but you must recognise that “practice makes perfect” is true where cake finishing techniques are concerned. Once you become familiar with how to handle the necessary materials, you will begin to find that even your previous efforts at cake decorating are almost always perfect and attractive. Even when they are not all that you hoped they would be, you get the relevant experience and the most delicious “mistakes” to enjoy!

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