Best Online PDF Splitters You Can Use

PDF splitter will always come in handy, especially if you have tons of PDF files for work or school. Splitting PDF can be beneficial, especially when the PDF file is too long. When splitting PDF files, you have two options: downloading a PDF splitter software or finding one online.

If downloading a PDF splitter software on your computer does not sound appealing, don’t worry. You can always find a PDF splitter online and divide your PDF files there accordingly. Here are some of the best PDF splitter tools that you can find online today.


PDFbear is a website for all your PDF needs. Whether you want to convert a PDF file, compress its size, or split it into two, this PDF software can help you with all of that. It is one of the easiest websites to use, especially if you don’t know how to split PDF pages online.

This online all-in-one PDF manager can save a PDF page, multiple pages, or even every page of it. The PDFs can be downloaded and saved again to your desktop and other online storage, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The conversions are also swift compared to other websites.

Google Chrome

Not many people know this, but Google Chrome has a feature that allows its users to edit, view, and even split PDF files. Unlike other PDF file editors, Google Chrome is quick and easy to use, especially when you have it already on your computer as a browser.

Some of its advantages also include support to large page previews. It also lets you extract one page from the PDF file or multiple pages all at the same time. It is quick, easy, and convenient!


This free PDF splitter online can be used in various ways. It allows you to have several options on how you want your PDFs to be separated and split. It also allows online PDF splitting by using the PDF’s URL.

Other advantages include full support of huge previews of the page, quick rename, and the editing of PDF files. It also works well in different operating systems and search engines, and the files edited on the website can even be saved to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer.


Smallpdf is one of the most popular and widely-used online PDF splitter because it has an easy interface that is perfect for beginners and first-timers. The website is easy to understand, and it is user-friendly.

You can open PDFs from your desktop, One Drive, and Google Drive using Smallpdf. You can also save your edited PDF files back quickly. The website includes tons of other PDF tools, and it works well in any browser and OS. It is similar to other online PDF splitters, but it has more options and variations.

PDF Split and Merge

This free PDF editing website not only caters to PDF splitting, but it can also be used to convert PDF files into images, TXTS, EPUBS, and other document types. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. PDFsam can also merge, extract, and rotate PDF files in just seconds.

This website has tons of split options, and you can even choose a different PDF version for your new PDF file. It also supports command line usage, and it can work well in all types of browsers and operating systems with no hassle.

Adobe Acrobat

Although Adobe Acrobat is mostly downloaded as a software, you can still edit, view, convert, compress, or split PDF files in its web version. The best thing about Adobe Acrobat is it lets you cut more than one PDF at once, and it can even split the data into smaller sizes. However, the downside of this PDF manager is it does not come free.


Whether you are editing, compressing, converting, or splitting PDF files, knowing the possible websites where you can fix your PDF files can come in handy. Whether it’s free or has a fee, any PDF manager will be useful, primarily if you deal with many PDF files every day. PDF sites will make your life easier and more organized than ever.

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