Average Current Cost Of a Funeral in The United States

Something that we all will experience during our lifetime is the loss of a loved one. It is a difficult time, and there is a sizable financial burden placed on the family. To help educate you on the cost of a funeral, we have broken down the $10000 funeral cost into the different fees so you are aware and can plan and decline certain services to save money.

Mortuary Service Fee 

On average, a mortuary will charge around $2000 fr their service fee. This fee may vary slightly; however, this fee will be something you will have to pay for their services and will not be able to decline. This fee will include getting permits and death certificates as well as storing your loved one’s body.

Transporting To Funeral Home

Once your loved one has passed the funeral home with transport the body to their facilities, which on average, will cost $300.

Body Preparation

As part of the body preparation to preserve your loved one’s body, their body will be embalmed, so it is ready. You will also be able to decide you would like the body to have the hair styled and makeup, etc. These services will be right around $1000.

Viewing and Funeral Services

If you decide to have a viewing service, it will most likely be held at the mortuary and staffed by the mortuary staff. Once the viewing service is over, the funeral ceremony will begin, and the safe mortuary staff will help manage that. The cost to manage the viewing and funeral services will be close to $1000

Hearse Rental

Transportation of your loved one to the cemetery is usually done with a hearse. For the hearse rental, you will be about $300.

Printed Materials

At the funeral ceremony, the mortuary will offer funeral program printing and printed prayer cards at your request. This is one of the new things you will be able to do yourself or have done with an online company vs. through the mortuary.

Metal Casket

The casket cost can vary significantly; however, on average, a standard metal casket will be right around $2500. However, you can go as high as $10,000 for a more elegant high-end wood.

Funeral Plot

You will work with your city cemetery to purchase a cemetery plot. If you live in a metropolitan area, the cost may be as much as double, but for most people, it will be around $2000. There will also be an open and close fee of about $1000, but that fee is pretty standard and will not vary from location to location.


Gravestones or markers can vary widely depending on what you would like and the size. However, with that being said, you will be in the neighborhood of $2000 for a headstone.

If you compare other first world countries funeral packages like Singapore, Canada and Australia, it would also cost about the same.

These expenses may vary depending on the location; however, these are going to give you a good idea of the cost of laying your loved one to rest. So start planning accordingly as many of these costs are unavoidable.

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