Aromatherapy DIY: Essential Oils For Therapeutic Aromas


The pure fragrance of essential oil is distinctly calming. It soothes our thoughts, sniffing the aroma while wafting through a room of a workplace office or home.

Essential oils affect the senses and mind, turning a mood from discouraged to hopeful, anxious, to calm. Developing “mood fragrances” for your personal use is reasonably simple.

The first thing you need to do is to find one that smells good to you. These are the ones that will, in turn, elevate your mood most significantly. Fragrance can make you feel better about yourself and more confident about circumstances in your life. It has been shown in researches that aromatherapy in a room can further memory, disposition and impulse. The first step you want to take is to go through your oil collection and pick a few that interest you. 

One day you make like a distinct oil like rose geranium and the next week you don’t like it so much. So for using essential oils as aromatherapy, you must go with your current nose selections to guide you. Some smells make you feel awake and refresh, while others make you feel relaxed and calm.

Here are some great room scents to get you started: fir, chamomile, bergamot, orange, cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, peppermint, and lemon.

To lift your energy: you might want to go for eucalyptus, cinnamon, fir, jasmine, or peppermint. 

For insomnia: you might want to choose lavender, chamomile, lemon, and orange.

To ease an anxious day: the oil of chamomile, bergamot, orange, lemon, and lavender are also great.

There are various methods of scenting your office space or home:

  1. Candle diffuser that warms the oils in water.
  2. Dried potpourri – using a dried flower with bits of oils mixed in.
  3. Lightly heating potpourri in hot water to pluck smell.
  4. Incense made out of pure essential oils.
  5. Using a light bulb ring that keeps the oils and warms up when light is on.
  6. Spray bottle stuffed with water and bits of favorite oils.

There are a few alternative ways to add fragrances quickly into your living space. You can drop some oils onto a wood-burning fireplace or airflow heat element. You can even put soft pads in your heater flues to get the aroma moving throughout your home. On a warm summer day, you can place a few drops of essential oil on some fabric and tie it to a fan, this with soon carry the fragrance around your home.

It can be a very fulfilling adventure to add aromatherapy to your home and office lifestyle. It serves all that is around you and controls anxiety and pressure that is usually associated with modern life. If you are one who loves to smell the pleasing aroma, you can easily make use of your essential oil collection daily and make those happy feels more accessible.

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