Are You “Inwasting” Your Time?


In the 21st century, money can buy almost everything, including happiness. However, the definition of cash has one evergreen element that needs to be considered. 

‘Time is money.’

Looking at time as a capital is a relevant metaphor because both have absolute value and can be used in the same ways. Money is what we give for ourselves, our children, professions, and others through donations and salaries. There are four fundamental things we can do with money. It can be saved, spent, invested, and it can be donated.

Time cannot be saved. It passes by, minute by minute, 24 hours, every day. Once it is gone, you can never get it back. You have only three choices for managing the time you are given each day. 

You can spend it, you can offer it, and you can invest it. 

  1. To spend money means paying out cash or transferring money for something in return. 
  2. To offer indicates that you do not want anything in return. 
  3. Investing is committing capital to gain a financial profit. Money can also be funded for returns other than money; it can be for some likely gain or benefit. 

Time follows similar guidelines. You can consume your time, often in manners that are not giving you any visible advantages or benefits. You can offer it to others both for charitable causes and those that are a total waste, and you can invest your time for prospective profits and gains.

Time is everything; learn to invest it! You only have 24 hours each day. Once passed, they will never return.

Invest those hours smartly. Do not just give away and waste your time. You do not have time to do this.

Remember this: right at the start of our lives; we are dying. We have to live life to the limit, every second of every day. Please do it, I say. Whatever you want to do, could you do it now? There are only so many tomorrows.

Remember, money is not the sole purpose of investing your time, though it will be one of them. Time spent in relationships makes them more reliable and enjoyable, therefore adding benefits and improvement to your life. Time spent on acquiring new skills, acquiring new knowledge, and evolving yourself will bring innumerable new possibilities. Time spent in exercise will promote your health and enhance the quality of those minutes you have left. Yoga might give you more days to use as well, by boosting your longevity. Time invested in recreational activities that nurture your soul, reinvigorate your heart and mind, and reduce stress has multiple benefits and should never be underestimated. 

Sadly, many people’s entertainment is restricted to slouching in front of Netflix, mindlessly watching whatever happens to be on the television, without actually even loving the show, little alone realizing the benefits that enjoyable, productive recreational activities can provide.

The bottom line is to begin considering time as the valuable commodity it is. Time is money – so invest it. Spend it in those areas that yield the most benefits and lead to a full and improved life. Stop just wasting time and throwing it away. Invest it

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