Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th July, 2020

Love and Relationships

The ship of love life will sail smoothly this week. There is a good chance you may stumble upon a new romance this week. Those in a committed relationship for years will make it permanent and think about settling further. The week will be harmonious and peaceful for married couples. A clash or disagreement with the elders in the family is likely to happen, so take care of your actions and words.


Aiming for higher education? The week ahead will be beneficial for you. It will be the right period to plan your higher studies. You will experience a thirst to read some history books and set out for research this week. You will revise your old knowledge and may take up some kind of specialty training this week. It is advised that you stay determined and self-motivated for a bright future. Students pursuing graduation may feel like quitting in between and taking up some professional courses but don’t jump into anything. Have patience everything will fall in its place.


Take extra good care of your health this week as your stomach may cause you trouble due to its unpleasant behavior. You are also likely to catch a cold and cough this week hence stay warm and safe. Its high time you must quit your bad habits and gear up and join a gym as soon as possible to keep fit. Those having issues related to blood pressure or heart disease may have to put more effort into better their health during this week. Try to keep yourself away from negative people and let go of negative thoughts in order to maintain your mental calmness.


You may execute your plan of business expansion this week but be very careful and do not invest a huge amount at the beginning. You may receive some financial gains and profit from your close ones. Spend wisely. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things or else over-expenses will burden you down. By the end of the week, there will be better scopes for earning money. Stay away from speculations or risky trading in the stock market this week.


Try to keep your professional and personal life separate. Don’t try to mix both as it will harm your image severely. This week your mind may not cooperate with you and will make you feel less interested at work and more on other things. New projects are in the pipeline for you, so be prepared for some exciting work this week. You will make more progress at work during the weekend. Business-wise, this week is impressive. You may even put a start to a new venture, or if you already are into business, some expansions are likely to happen.

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