An Analogy Between Creativity and a Pet

Imagine creativity to be your beloved pet that you love to play with. You have to feed them regularly. It needs to be served quality food. Some foods are deadly. Some foods are just not right for well being.

Creativity and Pet

Sometimes when we envision something uncertain like “creativity” to be something we can observe and feel, it helps us deal with it more productively. It helps us to recognize what it needs and what will make it work.

First of all, acknowledge your creativity and embrace it as a beautiful gift. Don’t be hard and pushy. Imagine it to be your pet, always eager, warm, and loving, unless you scold it. We all love to be happy, play, and fun. 

So are you going to feed your creativity?

Think of the quality of food you feed your pet. Think of the decision and conscious choice you make while serving it. Well, you want quality food, right! What is quality food for the imagination? New ideas! New thoughts! New sights! New sounds! New vision! 

Feeding them regularly

What would happen to your beloved little pet if you didn’t serve it regularly? First of all, you wouldn’t think about it. Proper feeding is a priority. Make it the same with your creativity. Don’t get so bogged down that you overlook feeding your imagination regularly. Whether you are a part-time artist or get bogged down with the routine of a nine to five job, or whether you are a full-time artist and begin asking so much of your creativity — take the time to nurture your creativity regularly, everyday!

Quality is the game-changer

Your pet needs quality food to be reliable, energetic, healthy. So does your creativity. What are you planting in your mind? Is it exciting for you? Does it make you feel safe? What are you watching on Netflix? It doesn’t take much thought to recognize what is great for your mind and what is right for your creativity! Just notice what it is that you are serving your imagination. Ask yourself, “Is this sufficient for me? Good for my art? Will this make me feel like accomplishing?” It just depends on the outcomes you want to get. Think of your pet — quality food is essential!

Move away from toxic food.

If you give something deadly to your pet, they will get sick. If you feel good while you are taking in the message, it is good quality. If you feel bad, chances are it’s toxic.

Now seldom something can seem toxic but give birth to a marvellous idea of creating something different from the poisonous food you ate. You could eat something poison, get sick and then want to tell everyone else about it. Still, the toxic food is toxic but the experience can be turned into something useful, like making lemonade from a lemon.

For example, watching something on Netflix could make you feel bad, like an act of violence perhaps. But then, you are inspired to create some artwork about promoting love and caring. The violence was still toxic, so you want to eject that out as soon as possible, and then focus on your remarkable idea.

There you have it. Imagine your creativity to be your beloved pet. Love it, treat it properly, feed it everyday and feed it well.

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