A Narration Of Roulettes History

Without a shadow of a doubt, roulette has become one of the most iconic casino games of all time. So famous in fact, that even the majority of those who don’t ever gamble or go to casinos will recognise a roulette table. It’s symbolic of all things glamour and extravagance and winning whilst playing gives punters a rush like nothing else. If you’re feeling a little fancy, you have to play roulette today. Like all things classic, there’s a fascinating history to it too. So if you want to know how exactly this incredible game became as famous as it has done then keep reading…

The first recorded game of roulette wasn’t played by crooks in a dusty old basement somewhere but rather by a group of Parisians in a French casino in the 1700’s.  Even its beginnings are the epitome of opulence eh? It gradually spread all over Europe, establishing a name for being a game of the Elite. As it became a global phenomenon, it changed ever so slightly depending on the location. Roulette in the US was played with a double zero wheel, whilst Europe stuck with the original single. Even now this remains  the same and so if you’re planning on crossing the continent and playing , keep it in mind. In fact in the last few years, a Las Vegas casino has reportedly introduced the triple zero wheel; the first of its kind. 

Over time it’s evolved only slightly, with now some variation depending on where about in the world you’re lucky enough to play. Overall though, the rules of Roulette have remained largely the same.  Something that as far as casino games go, is rather rare. Most other games have changed because of technology advancements and player preferences yet Roulette is just as easy and fun to play as the day it was invented. 

Whilst the history of roulette hasn’t changed the rules, it has of course influenced the ways and style in which punters choose to play. Over time players have created new strategies and devised new plans that all increase the likelihood of winning jackpot prizes. One of the most popular styles that has developed over time is the James Bond strategy.  In this method players split their bets across the wheel, essentially making a win almost statistically guaranteed. 

However you choose to play it, roulette will also give a rush like no other. The endless betting options will give any punter feelings of such excitement as they see the ball slowly coming to a stop on their lucky number.  It really is a game that the more you understand of it’s history and beginnings, the more you can truly appreciate playing. Never has any other casino game managed to be so delightfully complex and simple to play at the same time. As always, we must stress the importance of betting responsibly; even more so with Roulette where it’s easy to get swept off your feet. There’s a reason it has lasted so long and remains one of the most popular games of all time.

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